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Available for the PC via the STEAM media.

KYN is a high fantasy action adventure game that uses an extremely flexible and fluent point and click mechanic for both moving and fighting. The characters, font choice, backgrounds and overall visual effect is that of ancient times in the far north, Norwegian fjords and Viking lands.

You can select a single character by clicking on them or as many characters from your group, including all of them, by dragging a box around them so that they are all highlighted. Because you right click on a space in front of the party to get them to move there it is possible to click and as they move click again and so on to keep them continually moving. The camera can be set to follow the party or so that you have control of the view by the use of the arrow keys. When clicking continually you should be careful not to accidentally click on one separate character. I did this, not taking as much notice as I should have been, and my poor little fighter ran headfirst into a gang of nasty adversaries who promptly beat the proverbial out of him until he was dead. Luckily this is a game where some characters have the resurrection ability, unlucky if it is the guy with this ability who gets killed.

During your travels you come across small villages full of enemy creatures which you can decimate if you control your party correctly. I have found that setting all party members on one creature at a time works well as they kill very quickly and automatically move to the next attack, unless the next creature is an archer and standing to one side, then you need to direct the party to them. If you have the character with area effect healing spell then remember to use it regularly in combat and your party should stay healthy. In one section I read that characters will resurrect automatically if there is another character alive and in close proximity, but I have a feeling this only occurs after the battle has ended, and been won of course.

Creatures sometimes drop loot, a few gold pieces or a piece of equipment for examples, and you can also find similar in chests that are dotted around, sometimes guarded sometimes in the open. To date I haven’t found a trapped chest, but I am always wary when sending a character to open one. You can spend the gold at traders in villages and you can wear or use the items of clothing and weaponry found by opening the (I)nventory and right clicking on the item – hovering the cursor over items informs you of the stats of what you already have and  also the stats of what the new piece has in comparison.

Some things you pick up are marked as crafting material. These can range from skulls of dead adversaries through to odd bits of cloth or wood. There are hundreds of items to collect and you can combine over 100 different elemental materials in a unique crafting system designed to help you get more powerful weapons and armour. Virtually every item you collect in game can be crafted. There are thousands of items to create in Kyn.


KYN is a land of adventure in much the same way as games like Diablo, Warcraft and the original Guild Wars mmo. There are five ways of difficulty to play: Casual, Normal, Hard, Brutal and Legendary. For your benefit (that’s how I like to tell it) I play on Casual, just so I can see more of the game without dying too often. Well I get the first part okay as I have seen and mapped a fair amount, but I also die regularly.

Throughout your exploring you will find NPCs with ? over their heads, just like in WoW and many other mmo games. These characters have quests for you and usually a reasonable reward when the quest is completed. There are “Feed Stones” to be found, nine in total, three different for each type; these can be used during play like super-powered skills or spells. These Stones are usually hidden from view until you have unlocked their hiding place. To open these places you generally need to have one character standing on a pressure plate and the other (or others) going through the secret door or gate opened by the pressure plate to where the Stone is situated. Sometimes there is more of a puzzle to opening the secret hiding place and you have to work out the sequence or solve whatever problem is set in front of you; all of these making KYN quite a different proposition to other games in this genre.


KYN is very much like numerous other high adventure computer game action adventures. You begin with two characters that have just completed their Rite of Passage and after a short while your party has grown to four. I imagine it occurs similarly in each game, though when your party dies and you haven’t saved, the game resets. In each reset the chests and NPCs can be found in the same places but the loot is generally different and the Quests remain constant. Resets can be prevented by saving fairly regularly, there are plenty of save-slots and it couldn’t be easier to save the game, so there is no excuse for not saving.


So, having said that KYN is like so many other games would I recommend it? The answer surprisingly is “yes” because of the minor differences that really do distinguish it from the majority.

A  good clean, fun game with an excellent mix of character development, puzzle solving and combat.


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