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£6.99 / €8.95 / $10.99

Demo available featuring the YW22B 2nd sleeper coach with cabin view and the YW22B middle coach without cabin view

The 22 Series passenger coaches first went into production in 1959 and more than 270,000 were built. They began to be replaced by the 25 Series coach in the 1990s and are now only used on a few short-distance stopping passenger trains.

The following models are included:

The coaches are suitable for use with any locomotive fitted with a buckeye coupling on any route, but are especially suitable for those who own the China Railways SS7C Electric Locomotive + ChengYu Part 2 route and Rolling Stock Pack.

Highly detailed and accurate models with HD textures which include bump mapping and weathered effects

Three different levels of detail - choose which one best suits your PC's performance

Many cabin views - walk around the coaches just like a passenger

Classic green-yellow and red-yellow 25G-style liveries

Season-dependent working cabin fans (In YZ22B and YW22B)

Dynamic cabin lighting

Realistic sound effects

Auto numbering - select the car number and direction board (up to 50 different destination boards)



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