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The new BR Standard Class 5MT Advanced collection is the latest addition to the Just Trains Advanced range and includes highly detailed BR 5MT loco's in six variants, five tender types and three types of Just Trains Mk.1 coach.

BR Standard Class   5MT Advanced

for Train Simulator 2015    £14.99 / €18.95 / $21.99

Locomotives - superbly detailed BR 5MT locomotives in six variants, with Black and Green liveries in clean, intermediate and heavily weathered conditions

ActivHints - information to help you drive and fire the locomotive efficiently

ActivFireman - switch on ActivFireman and he'll take care of the firing and watering of the boiler while you concentrate on driving!

Tenders - BR1, BR1B, BR1C, BR1G and BR1H tender types, with Black and Green liveries in clean, intermediate and weathered conditions. The clean tenders are further split into early emblem and late crest versions.

Coaches - three types of Just Trains Mk.1 coach (Brake Standard Open, First Open and Tourist Standard Open), all complete with passenger view



We have tried to replicate as closely as possible the typical operations of a real steam locomotive by including numerous Advanced features - these include:

See the Just Trains website for screenshots and full details.



Drivers can enjoy a huge range of genuinely Advanced features, realistically operating controls, accurate animations, amazing smoke and steam effects, and 13 scenarios with a total driving time of around 22 hours. Also included are a new ActivHints system to help you master these locomotives and a new AI ActivFireman to take over firing duties!


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