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  BOXED EDITION on sale now!

Includes 100-page printed manual

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£29.99 / €37.95 / $44.99



Fly the INS version of the L-1011 civilian airliner in British Airways Landor livery (demo aircraft is limited to 2,500 ft and does not include the 2D panels)

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L-1011 TriStar Download edition

Livery Pack
(for Boxed and Download editions)

The Tristar looks like becoming a favourite amongst the FS community and we’re certainly very excited at its release.Today (Wed 27th March) saw the release of the much anticipated L-1011 Tristar.

Key details:

The Download of our new L-1011 TriStar for FSX is now on sale, along with a Livery Pack which provides extra liveries and RAF paint schemes.

The Boxed edition of the TriStar will be released on 10 April and is available to pre-order.

Our new TriStar add-on includes this wide-body tri-jet in its L-1011-500 civilian airliner role along with RAF C2, K1 and KC1 variants in a total of 25 paint schemes. The aircraft feature accurately detailed 2D panels and virtual cockpits complete with refuelling controls for the tanker variants, a fully functional Inertial Navigation System, stunning high-resolution textures and an authentic flight model with the TriStar’s unique Direct Lift Control runway approach system.

The Download and Boxed editions are both priced at £29.99 / €37.95 / $44.99.

The download Livery Pack (£6.99 / €8.95 / $10.99) provides ten additional airline liveries from three continents along with six RAF paint schemes from different eras.

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