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NEW FROM CARENADO - C90 GTX KING AIR HD SERIES FOR FSX & P3D!   Order online, 24 hours a day, from

CARENADO C90 GTX KING AIR HD SERIES (for FSX, FSX: Steam Edition & P3D v2/v3)

Carenado C90 GTX King Air HD Series    £33.95   €44.30    $47.95    Download on sale now!

Five HD liveries and one blank livery for repainting

Authentic Pro Line 21 systems:
- Primary Flight Display (PFD)
- Multi-Function Display (MFD)
- Flight Guidance Panel (FGP)
- Display Control Panel (DCP)
- Control Display Unit (CDU)
- Flight Management System (FMS)
- Two navigation modes: VNAV and NAV
- Flight plan creation based on real procedures
- Weather radar screen
- Situation awareness
- Traffic
- Set different altitudes for different waypoints (VNAV)

Updatable Navigraph database (aircraft comes with October 2013 database):
- Load a departure procedure (SID) and an arrival (STAR)
- Load an approach (RNAV, ILS, VOR etc.)

HD quality textures (4096 x 4096)

3D knob technology for better manipulation of elements in VC

Original HQ digital 3D stereo sounds

Complete passenger cabin

Customisable panel for controlling windows transparency, instrument reflections and static elements such as wheel chocks and sights props

Realistic flight dynamics and realistic weight and balance

PDF manuals: C90GTX Emergency Checklist, C90GTX Normal Checklist,
C90GTX Performance Tables, C90GTX Limitations, Carenado Proline 21, Carenado RTU and Recommended Settings PDF



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