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  Collector's Slipcase Set

Today we're pleased to announce the release of a raft of new John Carter products including the John Carter Collector's Slipcase set, several complete miniature sets featuring the heroes and villains Barsoom, as well as three custom dice sets, to power your adventures of heroism and romance on the dying red planet!
The Slipcase Collector's Set, miniature sets and individual minis are now all available as part of the John Carter of Mars Collection on
Modiphius Entertainment presents theJohn Carter of Mars Collectors Slipcase set. Contained within the wonderfully illustrated slipcase you'll find the John Carter of Mars: Adventures in the Dying World of Barsoom core rulebook and thePhantoms of Mars campaign book; Everything you need to take on the role of heroes as you travel, battle, and romance your way across the wondrous and dangerous world of Barsoom.
A roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs that transports you to Barsoom, an arid, dying land of ancient civilizations and fearsome creatures. John Carter of Mars is a science- fantasy roleplaying game using a pulp-action inspired variant of the 2d20 System.
• Core rulebook: 288 page full colour, landscape hardback book with everything you need to play the game and introduce new players to the world of Barsoom.
• Campaign book: 128 page, full colour, landscape hardback book with a complete campaign arc for the John Carter of Mars roleplaying game, including the Swords of Mars 2d20 Skirmish rules.
• Uses a pulp-action, narrative driven version of the 2d20 system with a character generation system designed to create diverse and unique heroes.
  Heroes of Barsoom Miniatures Set
This Heroes of Barsoom miniatures set features John Carter of Mars, Princess Dejah Thoris, Tars Tarkas the fearsome Thark, and the ever faithful Woola.
 Helium Fighting Crew Miniatures Set
This Helium Fighting Crew miniatures set features a set of 2 male and 2 female Helium Navy crew led by an officer and Tan Hadron.
  Thark Warband Miniatures Set
This Thark Warband miniatures set features Tal Hajus and four Thark warriors. 
  Fight the Fighting Crew
This Zondangan Fighting Crew set features Sab Than, Zondangan Officer and four Zondangans. 
  Helium DIce Set   Thark Dice Set
 Zodanga Dice Set
 This is just a small selection of the new John Carter minis and accessories which will be available very soon with further individual high quality resin miniatures like John Carter and Dejah Thoris,Ras Tharvas and Gor Hajus, and Beasts of Barsoom like the White Ape, Banth, Apt, Plant Man and Synthetic Man also available this month. 
Keep a close on the full John Carter Collection for further details!
We hope you enjoy this range of brand new John Carter releases and look our for more coming soon!
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment


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