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FRIEDBERG, April 4th 2014: At Istanbul’s grand bazaar merchants depend on their assistants to make profit. The Problem: These assistants only work in the presence of their boss. To get ahead of the competitors, players have to prearrange and keep cool - and eventually they will manage to collect most rubies.

On a turn, players first move the stack consisting of their merchant and all available assistants to one of 16 places on the bazaar. Here they take an action by removing one assistant from their stack. Since players only have four assistants, they will soon have to return to their previously removed assistants to carry out further actions. The obligation to pay every opposing merchant met doesn’t make things easier. To gather most rubies, players need to plan ahead and constantly adapt to their competitor’s moves.

Thanks to the modular game board Istanbul by Rüdiger Dorn offers plenty of variety and challenges beginners and experienced players alike. Two to five players aged ten and up accumulate wealth in Istanbul’s bazaar district for around one hour. RRP € 34.95

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