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INSIDE MY RADIO: Seaven Studio published by Iceberg Interactive. Xbox One, PC Steam

This is a weird Retro-Graphic style platform game where the games main character moves, slides, jumps, twists and slams to a thumping Disco drum beat. The protagonist is a green square block-head wearing headphones and it is your job to move him through various levels of mayhem controlled by music and machinery. Your hero has to dash and slide to be able to breakthrough upright screens and thicker floors leading onto the next levels and areas. If you can keep him constantly moving to the beat you should be able to get through the missions without stopping as long as you slide, dash, jump, bounce and smash at exactly the right time and with the right timing of the beat - it is all about the beat.

Iceberg Interactive Cranks Up The Volume As INSIDE MY RADIO Hits Steam

Keeping your hero cube continually moving, of course, is impossible, human action and reaction just cannot cope with it, though younger players will probably have better reactions than old 'uns like moi. Therefore it is a game of listening to the beat and making your move at the correct time, knowing when to move from one swing to the next, when to spin and smash and when to climb. To help you in your decisions there are numerous hazards such as steam that destroys you by touch, vacuums into which you can fall and "die", only you don't die you come back to where you had begun your move and are set to try again. This is a great thing about the game, not having to restart from the beginning each time you are stopped in your tracks.


This is basically a straightforward Platform game where the player moves the protagonist along, up and down though generally in a left to right direction, but the theme gives it a most interesting twist as it is set within a surreal world inside a radio where it is visualised as a kaleidoscope of mostly multi-variations of greens and black.

The controls on the PC version (I am assuming that this is also an app for a tablet of some kind) are a little unusual, and I found a little uncomfortable and unusual (ooh look 3 x uns in a sentence). 
Jump = Up (arrow) or A. Pulse to the Beat = Alt (not AltGr) or B. Dash = Space or X. Slam / Smash = Down (arrow) or Y. Help = Tab. General movement is via the Left and Right arrows; so not the regular/expected WASD  keys.

What I never found was a way to save the game. I think there is a way but it never made itself apparent so that every session I played was going through the same terrain, tricks and traps, and I was playing 20-30 minutes per session before my eyes went goggley from the constantly moving coloured screens. As I said, I found the controls awkward, but the game is fairly addictive and the 20-30 minute sessions were wizzing by, it was just that at my age my poor old eyes were struggling to keep focussed. Overall I would say INSIDE MY RADIO is fun, unusual and entertainingly addictive, rather like many youngsters find the appeal of Mindcraft(tm) and retro games of that ilk. With its pounding beat, flashing lights and retro appearance INSIDE MY RADIO is one for the younger players, especially if it is available on a console, pad or tablet.

Get Your Groove on with the All New Launch Trailer

Haarlem, The Netherlands – May 11, 2015–Videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Seaven Studios, announced today that their pulsating, beat-driven platform game Inside My Radio is available now for PC. Jump, dash and slam in rhythm to the beat as you make your way through the stunningly vibrant levels of Inside My Radio. Change the groove to your liking as the vibe varies from electro, to disco, to dub. Once you’ve completed Campaign Mode, try your hand at Attack Mode, where it’s ‘stay in rhythm or die trying’ - don’t miss a beat!

“Development of Inside My Radio has gone from strength to strength since winning the Ludum Dare Jam #23, featuring at GDC 2015 and right up to launch. Inside My Radio’s fan base of players and journalists continues to grow,” says Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive. “If you love the in-game music, why not take advantage of the Digital Deluxe Edition, which features the Original Soundtrack!”

Watch the launch trailer for Inside My Radio on Iceberg’s Youtube Channel HERE.

Inside My Radio is now available via Steam at $14.99 and $18.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition. There is a 20% Discount during the Launch Week.  

For more information, please visit the official Facebook page

About Inside My Radio
Can you beat the beat? Journey as a green LED mysteriously trapped inside a dying boombox and play the ultimate musical experience. In this rhythmic platform adventure where your every action needs to be right on the beat, bring electro, dub and disco music back to life!

Inside My Radio Game Features:


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