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INMATES from Iceberg Interactive is a thrilling, atmospheric point-and-click drama which really plays tricks with your mind and keeps you enthralled and on the edge of your seat from the very start.

        The Beginning

It begins with you in a hole, possibly a well, with sunlight coming in from the grid high above at the apex of the circular chimney-like construction. Hanging by chains from the ceiling are metal cages with what appear to be prisoners in them. This is daunting! Is it to be your fate ? Who are you and why are you there ? Nothing in the room gives you any clues but going round the walls does eventually bring you to a metal staircase leading up in a tight, unhealthy looking, spiral of rusty metal.

        The Cells

This is the only thing you can do and so using the W key to move forward you begin your journey upwards. After a short while the opening credits appear, usually preceded by a violent shaking and the crash of rocks falling around you, until you reach the top where there is no exit except the grid in the opening that reminds you of all the films you have seen with volcanoes in them (except thankfully there is no red hot lava flow). From the centre of this opening there hangs a chain which you can reach by moving along the gangplank stretched out over the chasm from the top platform. You reach out with your hand, grab hold and begin to climb up to safety. Then OMG! you fall, slowly you watch the grid get smaller and the spiral staircase rushing upwards either side of you until THUMP! you awake in your bed - it was all a terrible nightmare, a frightmare you have had before, many times.

        The Cells

But now you are awake and you find your cell gate/door unlocked; you are in a prison of some sorts, that is obvious, but why and where are still unanswered questions. A voice keeps talking to you, it's your voice, you are, apparently Jonathan. Now the game gets a bit samey as you have to open and explore every cell possible. In some you find abstract notes, in others you find unusual books, except three or four cells have the Holy Bible which is not that unusual, at least not if this was a Motel/Hotel instead of being a barred gate incarceration centre. In many of the cells you find a matchbox with a few matches, you collect these automatically and the number you have is shown on the bottom right of the screen. Clicking the right mouse button from now on will ignite a match allowing you to see in dark areas, but only for a few seconds; matches do not last long enough for you to explore and search an entire room. Matches can also be ignited in error so keep your finger away from the RMB, there is no safety switch that only ignites them in dark areas.

        The Cells

Much of the game is logical. Prisoners would most probably have books and matches in their cells, though the abstract notes are rather unusual, as are some of the book's titles (see photo pix) but then when you find a gate locked instead of finding the key in the Security Office as one would expect you find it lying on a wooden beam with no explanation of why it may be there. You also see prisoners in their cells on rare occasions, mainly shaking or banging their heads, a young boy leaves a cell asking his father to follow him and a naked man comes screaming out of the same cell but heads in the opposite direction. Until you don't want to see them there are no signs of any Security Guards and their stations look long since departed, destroyed and derelict.

        The Books

    The Altars

    The Married Couple  /  The Clocks

    The Rooms and Decor

    The Journal (very important and interesting)

  The Kids Rooms  (all the same ? perhaps!)

and so it continues ...............



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