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Infinite Crisis is still accepting Beta players and if you like online battle games then this is one to get into at ground level.
Based on the DC comics and exploring new and inane abilities of the very same DC super-heroes and super-villains that
we have admired and maybe even secretly wanted to be (at least when we were younger).

Each player selects the character they want and spends points, some given at the start others gained during play, to boost
skills and abilities and of course powers. The character you choose will begin with some of the super powers the comic
book character is renown for, other powers can be gained (and upgraded) as the game progresses.

For examples, the Flash has super speed, Green Lantern can use his power ring, Superman can fly etc. The players join
either the Blue Team or the Red Team and once both teams are full ther arena battle begins.

By arena I don't mean that all the combat takes place in a bleechers surrounded playing field or indoor stadium. INFINITE CRISIS
has the streets of Gotham City as its arena. They are dark and gloomy but they brighten extensively as the colourful champions, the
super powered combatants, clash with electrifying brilliance.

Your opponents are shown with a red or blue aura - depending on your team's colour. There are, of course, pick-ups and health spots that
can assist you and as you progress you gain points that you can adjust your skills, powers etc while you are playing, but if you find yourself
dead (your character lies in greyscale on the cold Gotham ground) you begin again from the original starting point and charge back into the
fray. Throughout play certain specific locations owned by the opposition can be taken and held, giving your team victory points, but if you
lose your starting location then you lose the battle. Oh Well, gather up your resources, add some artefacts of various powers, and jump straight
back in.

The comic book characters are very well represented in colour and detail as well as powers and actions. If you are familiar with them from their
origins then you will be happy with the presentation of them in this game.

For players who thoroughly enjoy online combat games and super-powered beings this is beyond a delight.

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