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At first glance, IN SPACE WE BRAWL appears to be a retro-style game in the mode of Asteroids and Galaxian etc.
Available for the PSN - PS4 and PS3 - the graphics are a little above the current standardised crop of old world pics
but do not take advantage of what the PS4 especially has to offer.


Drive Test #01
So having installed the game it is time for the tutorial phases. To begin with you are faced with a tutorial by
Admiral J D Larkin, and although this may seem to be at first a regular tutorial challenge where you learn to
control your craft it is also highly amusing as the famed Admiral aims his sarcastic wit directly at your feeble

Shooting Basics
Actually, the Admiral only teaches you ship controls, then General Blackwell takes over for the offence and
defence, showing how and when to use the ships Shields to their full potential.

Each ship has a basic weapon as you would expect from this genre of sci-fi action game. Most ships also have
a weapon or ability specifically unique to them. As you get better in the game you get better ships and thus an
advancement in weaponry and defence technology.

Having passed successfully through the tutorials, I found these to be more difficult than I had expected due to
not being able to adjust the sensitivity on the controller. THRUSTMASTER PS3 black and white controllers
are generally very good with the latest games but I found I was almost always over compensating with the left
stick for movement. Luckily the screen uses wrap-around so that when your ship goes off any edge it comes back
level on the opposite edge (top, bottom or sides). 

Now we get to game itself and the first thing you notice is that this IS NOT a game for solo play, nor is it an MMO
game. It is specifically designed for up to four like-minded players to sit around a TV set and just ENJOY playing a
somewhat amusing, somewhat exciting, totally entertaining, fun-filled, extremely colourful, fast moving, mission -
filled, full-on, fast-action, game. 

If you expect too much or even expect a game that will stretch your PS4s technology then you are out of luck. But if 
its a game that will keep you and your friends/family/fellow players amused for a number of long and crazy sessions
then you really should take a trip back in time and have a real blast!



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