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The Imperial Settlers arrive in 2015

The new Kennerspiel Imperial Settlers of Pegasus games appear in the first half of 2015 and first presented at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2015

Friedberg, November 27, 2014: Since 2011, is awarded annually the "connoisseur Game of the Year," the most important German award for demanding games. Every second of the coveted awards went to Pegasus Games (Village 2012, Istanbul 2014). In the first half of 2015. A new Kennerspiel Friedberger: Imperial Settlers allows connoisseurs games and advanced players family with their people to achieve great things.

In Imperial Settlers each player controls the fate of a group with individual abilities. In each round, players from a variety of actions can choose to open up new lands to construct buildings to trade and battle enemies. The sophisticated card display next to the player panel allows it to each player to develop his group with manufacturing, property and action cards to an epochal empire.

(: Adventure on the cursed island Robinson Crusoe) with the Kennerspiel Imperial Settlers of Pegasus games in the first half of 2015, the new work by selling author Ignacy Trzewiczek appears. This is one to four players, ages 10 and can prove in 45 to 90 minutes as shrewd statesmen and build monumental Great Powers. Pegasus Spiele presents the German edition of Imperial Settlers first time at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg from 28 January to 02 February 2015th

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