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Haarlem, The Netherlands – 6 August 2012 – Longing for, or back to, that permanent sunny weather and that luxurious resort? Considering retiring early and moving to a tropical paradise? In The Good Life you get all that - and more. ‘The Good Life’ is a hybrid game that combines ship simulation, time management and tycoon elements, set on a fictitious tropical island complex with luxurious hotels, villas, bars or even ancient tourist attractions - just about everything you’d expect to see in a luxury vacation destination. In ‘The Good Life’, life is good, very good.

After collaborating on the project for over a year, Iceberg Interactive and developer immersionFX today announced that they have signed a deal to publish The Good Life early in Q4-2012 on PC and Mac. The deal includes European retail rights as well as for several territories outside Europe, and worldwide digital download rights.


"After successfully publishing ship and sail simulation games, we still found that such basic simulations needed more gaming elements in order to make them more attractive to all types of audiences", says Erik Schreuder, CEO at Iceberg Interactive. “In immersionFX we found an ambitious developer who had the engine for a nautical simulation game,  who shared that view and who were willing and able to introduce a lot of elements borrowed from other genres. We ended up creating a very interesting mix that I am sure will keep players busy for a long time. With its crisp graphics, life sim elements and sandbox design, you really feel you have started a second life, in this case: The Good Life.

About The Good Life:
Play a game of a life you can't live and a place you can't go !

The Good Life, a Tropical Paradise Simulation, is a game that captures the spirit of a laid-back lifestyle in a visually stunning 3D tropical environment. Travel around with an impressive array of luxury vessels, while managing tourist campaigns and real estate business and completing missions on your way to becoming the area’s top tycoon.

The story
Like so many, Derek Hales is fed up and is dreaming about ditching the nine-to-five lifestyle. When he learns that his late uncle made him the sole heir of “Carpe Diem Boats”, a boating company on the tropical complex of the Jo Jo islands, he doesn’t hesitate for a second. A new life awaits ! After a long voyage, he and his striking girlfriend Michelle Joyce finally arrive at their destination, enjoying the beautiful sunrise, with a Boating Company of their own. Compared to the dull office life, this new life looks much better. Finally but suddenly, life is good ! 

Game Features:

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