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Ice Ace: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure launches on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC digital.

This brand-new 3D action adventure set in the Ice Age universe is the first game in the franchise to launch in 7 years and sees Scrat, everyone’s favourite sabre-toothed tiger [sic], set out on a quest to recover his treasured crystal nuts!

Brought to you by Outright Games, the leading global publisher of family friendly titles such as Jumanji: The Videogame/Adventure Time/How To Train Your Dragons and developer Just Add Water, Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure is set to be an exciting romp through the world of Ice Age, exploring familiar locations, encountering new faces and unlocking magical, extraordinary abilities for Scrat to conquer his nuttiest adventure yet.

You can check out the brand new launch trailer here:

Description:  Scrat’s brand new quest!    £34.99  Outright Games LLC

Scrat’s prized acorn is locked inside an ancient Scratazon Temple and finding the legendary Crystal Nuts is the only way to get it back!
Help Scrat battle prehistoric creatures, survive comical calamities, and explore the Ice Age universe. It’s one nutty quest!

• An all-new 3D platforming adventure starring Scrat, everyone’s favorite sabre-tooth squirrel
• Climb, dig, sneak and slide your way through classic Ice Age locations
• Face fierce enemies from rats to wolves, raptors to piranhas
• Explore four fun stages with hilarious set pieces, familiar characters, and giant boss battles
• Search for the missing Crystal Nuts plus a host of other hidden treasures and abilities

1 player      4GB minimum save size      DUALSHOCK®4 Vibration Function     HD Video Output 720p,1080i,1080p


Anyone who saw the very first 'ICE AGE' movie just had to feel sorry for SCRAT madcap the Sabre-Tooth Squirrel who opened the movie with a series of personal disasters concerning his prized possession, his Acorn. From there the movie went on into a great animated adventure of the trials and tribulations of the animals and creatures that lived throughout the Ice Age era of the World. Since then there have been a series of ICE AGE movies and each has been fun and fine with Scrat always having some small part in the proceedings, in fact Scrat's adventures are one of the main reasons most people enjoy ICE AGE as much as they do.


In this adventure Scrat's Acorn has managed to find itself locked away (as you read in the intro blurb above) and of course he has to get it back. Thankfully there is a trail of shiny purple gems (aka Crystal Nuts) that he can follow. Not so good is that this trail often leads him into the path of dangerous predators, angry creatures, craggy mountains, deep ravines and mysterious buildings and caverns. 

Control is regular for a PS4 game with movement and direction controlled by the two sticks; beware as it is easy to move the camera angle so that you don't know if your up, down or upside down, and that's when it is easy for you to find the quickest way down a mountain (ie fall). When you do manage to run out of life (your Health bar expires) you pop back at the start of the scene with full health and the knowledge of what not to do next time (although sometimes it may take two or three demises before you figure out the way past the obstacle.


SCRAT'S NUTTY ADVENTURE isn't a lot different than the majority of animated games in this genre, at least not in its game play. It does however have some of the most beautiful, natural and colourful background scenery of any game and it is that which makes this game such a fabulous entertainment, it's just a shame that it is only a one player game.

Along the journey Scrat can find hidden bonuses, often by taking short detours into the bushes or behind some rocks, and there are crates and pots to smash open; the crates giving extra Crystals and the pots boosting your Health bar. Experience has shown me that if you go past any of these it is not always easy (if at all) to get back to them if later required. Just know there are far fewer pots than there are crates.


On occasion the Crystal Nut trail splits and there is no clue as to which direction you should take. For instance, I followed one split because it looked like I could just drop onto the trail, collect the Crystal Nuts and reverse direction to get back onto my original route. However, once I had 'dropped' to collect the Crystal Nuts there were more and more visible way out into the distance and no way of going back. Whether I made the right choice or not I still am not sure, but as the trail is continuing onwards so am I.


As you may have guessed I haven't reached the end yet. I am not actually sure that I really want to though, because I am having so much fun controlling (or mis-controlling) the lovable rascal Scrat. The animation is just like watching an ICE AGE movie and I have to admit that there are times when I am paying too much attention to what is visible in the background and not enough to what I am supposed to be doing.

Scrat can kick and punch but he has a secret weapon - he can consistently throw acorns at his adversaries. Once you have locked his aim onto a target then all you have to do is keep pulling the trigger and he will continue to throw successfully until the object of his aim falls, then you can switch to a different target. This is great for when there are more than one or two enemies on the other side of a chasm as you can take them out from a distance without hurting yourself. Scrat can take on 1 or 2 enemies with relative ease, maybe sustaining a hit or two at most, but if you can take them out without getting into hand to hand combat then you are better off doing so and not taking any damage.


You can be darned sure that when you are full of Health you will find a Health pot and yet when you have just about one more hit before you fall there isn't a Health pot to be seen or discovered. Scrat doesn't collect anything other than the Crystal Nuts and even then there is no inventory or satchel that he carries, the total number of these gem-like nuts is clearly shown on the screen; top left.

Playing this on a big screen TV via the wonderful graphic capabilities of the PS4 Pro is an amazing experience and I really do suggest that console players invest in the largest TV screen they can afford just to become part of the game you are playing, I mean every game looks so much better, is truly atmospheric and it really gives the 3D experience and makes you feel like you are part of the action, and this  iswithout any VR equipment - in fact I don't think if this was on VR it would make it any better than it is now.


SCRAT is a wonderful character, funny and dopey in his own right, and even more amusing when you are making him, hop, skip, run and jump - he has typical cartoon character brakes, ie he slides to a stop and often not before he has reached the edge and toppled over. Also when moving him, one slight touch on the direction stick and you will send him into a looping spin. The number of times I have done this when jumping across fallen rocks or trees with water or ground down below and ended up back at the start of the crossing sequence having managed to fall just when reaching the final perch.

This is definitely a game that should be on your Christmas wish list or that you purchase for someone you love that you know likes to play games and enjoys daft furry animals. I'm hooked!


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