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Ian Livingstone,  one of the men who turned UK games playing
upside down and helped to give us all more than just Monopoly
to play, is to be made a New Year's CBE.

Ian is life President of Eidos and author/co-author of the original
Fighting Fantasy range of fantasy game books. It is hard to believe
that around 30 years ago I interviewed Ian for Games Gazette (or
as it was then known S.E.W.A.R.S. magazine) and around the
same time his Warlock of Firetop Mountain was about to once
again change the way we played games.

Ian and Steve Jackson started Games Workshop and with the aid
of Don Turnbull they brought Dungeons & Dragons to the UK.
From the humble beginnings of the first GW shop in Dalling Road
they built an empire but they never lost touch with their gaming roots
and Ian especially is often seen at games events and conventions
with his family. 

The CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire)
is the first step to becoming "Sir" and no doubt this honour will be
forthcoming and bestowed in the not too distant future as Ian continues
to help children learn at schools through revised ICT classes.

August 2012 saw the release of Ian's new Fighting Fantasy book.

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