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Take the leadership of fantastic armies and lead your troops to victory!

Mythic Greece is in chaos: Athena and Hades are at war and have sent their greatest heroes to battle. Take on the role of these generals out of legend, leading fantastic armies and lead your troops to victory!

Mythic Battles is a game that simulates epic confrontations and breath-taking battles. The Building Battle Board (BBB), an innovative game system, combines game mechanisms from miniature games, board games, and card games; as a result, Mythic Battles offers you a unique experience.

Recruit your army, play your cards to activate your units, roll your dice to resolve combat... reinvent the way you play!

This box contains two complete armies for two or four players, an initiation campaign, as well as all you need to play hours of endless battles.
Other armies and units will periodically be released to flesh out your campaigns!


      Comes with 2 ready-to-play armies

      Powered by the Building Battle Board system, a radically innovative concept

      Includes a campaign booklet for a quick & easy tutorial and special rules to improve your games

      Splendid artworks

      An upcoming complete range of expansions, new armies, miniatures and scenarios.

Players: 2 or 4Age: 14+. Duration45 min. Language: English.

Content: 145 Unit cards, 86 Maneuver cards, 9 Stele cards, 40 Art of War cards, 10 special dice, 5 Stele tokens, 34 Unit tokens, 6 double-sided tiles, 30 Power Point tokens, 1 Rulebook, 1 Campaign booklet.

Release date: AVAILABLE

Suggested retail price: $49,99 / 39,95€

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