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Like every year, IELLO will be at the Nuremberg Toy Fair later this month. It's a perfect chance to show you what is coming from us in 2015 — and we're thrilled by the games we're currently working on!
We will be on booth (10.1 F22) with our new and future releases (see below).
Now, here's a small preview of what we'll be showing at Nuremberg next week. If you can't make it to the Toy Fair, don't worry: 
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THE GRASSHOPPER AND THE ANT — The fourth game of our “Tales and Games” series.
A clever game of bluff and collection by Yoann Levet with art by Naïade (original publisher: Purple Brain Creations)
2-4 players | 7+ | 30 min. | ETA: March 2015
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WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON — The first International game of our “Mini Games” series!
A fun game of push-your-luck and bluff by Masato Uesugi with art by Paul Mafayon (original title: Dungeon of Mandom)
2-4 players | 10+ | 30 min. | ETA: Spring 2015
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A totally wild game by Roberto Fraga with art by Alexey Yakovlev (original title: Squad Seven)
2-5 players | 6+ | 15 min. | ETA: Spring 2015
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MASTER FOX (image: French version)
An original game of skill and tactile recognition by Frédéric Vuagnat with art by Catell Ruz (original publisher: Superlude)
2-4 players | 10+ | 30 min. | ETA: Summer 2015
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A cooperative deck-building game by Maxime Rambourg with art by Naïade
2-5 players | 10+ | 60-90 min. | ETA: Summer 2015
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SAPIENS  (image: French version)
A clever game of tile placement by Cyrille Leroy with art by Marc-Antoine Allard (original publisher: Catch Up Games)
2-4 players | 10+ | 45 min. | ETA: Summer 2015
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KENJIN  (image: French version)
A card game of samurai battles by Nicolas Sato with art by Biboun (original publisher: Superlude)
2-4 players | 12+ | 30 min. | ETA: Summer 2015
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An hybrid game of epic piracy designed by Les Éditions Volumique (find out more here)
2-4 players | 8+ | 45-90 min. | ETA: Summer 2015


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