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I am Ninja – Taking Gaming Back to the Ninja Era
Publisher NGames announces a brand new anime-based MMORPG for the portal

NGames, a leading online games publisher famous for anime-based hits such as Pockie Ninja II Original and the award-winning Pockie Pirates, is today excited to reveal I Am Ninja – a brand new anime/ninja-based MMORPG.

Based on popular Ninja manga series', I Am Ninja is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG coming soon to the burgeoning portal. Featuring plots rooted in the Ninja world, an original art style and unique gameplay features that utilize the last web-based gaming technologies, I Am Ninja promises a visual feast of thrilling battles and adventure, and maximum accessibility.

Players begin the game as Haruto, a down-on-his-luck Ninja from Fire Town. Many years ago, when a Demon Fox attacked Fire Town and threatened to destroy everything, the courageous 4th Fire Master sacrificed himself and sealed the demon inside the newborn Haruto.

Despite growing up without incident, people only saw Haruto for the demon contained within and shunned him from the community. Undeterred, Haruto befriended Sora and Sasaki, and they formed a solid friendship. After years of joking and being optimistic, Haruto finally earned some respect, and he made the decision to become a Hokage in later life.

Now, I Am Ninja players must carve out their own role in the ninja world and master the Hokage if they wish to survive. On an epic journey of Ninjaku training and adventure, Haruto will soon discover that the effects of the Fox Demon never really left Fire Town – and a much larger conspiracy is at work

I Am Ninja is a new MMORPG coming soon. Gamers can enjoy a variety of other free online games, including popular award-winning anime MMO's, Pockie Ninja II Original and Pockie Pirates, on Game321 now:


About NGames Interactive
NGames Interactive Limited is a leading entertainment company, specializing in the development, operation, and publishing of online social and browser games. NGames leverages its Game321 brand and takes advantage of its rich industry experience to promote an array of stunning games across the globe.

Over the last few years, NGames has become a strong brand in the gaming industry. It has established a large integrated entertainment platform, and has achieved worldwide success with a number of award-winning games. Most recently, NGames has launched the popular Wartune, League of Angels and Tales of Solaris MMO's, and is currently developing a plethroa of anticipated releases to join them, such as MU Classic, Dragon's Wrath, Ultimate Ninja and Endless Fury. All games are available under the intuitive portal, where gamers can also currently try the closed betas for Pockie Kingdom and Age of Civilization. NGames also publishes successful social based games,  such as Pockie Defense, and is making major moves in the mobile games market with its first mobile-optimized title - the action-packed Unity Engine-powered MMO Xeno Quest, scheduled to launch Summer 2014.

Motivated by its passion and ambition in the gaming industry, NGames will continuously improve its brand image, form professional technical and management teams, deliver superior service to gamers and release more addictive online games on multiple platforms.

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