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This is a scary post apocalyptic action game which I shudder to call an adventure simply because an adventure is something most of us like to think we would enjoy going on, but this isn’t something any of us would like to be involved with, an adventure it isn’t.

You control a guy called Adam trying to get home to his wife and daughter one year after the almost destruction of the world. Adam is seen in third person wandering the streets of the (fictional) town of Haventon, picking his way through the debris and the holes. You soon take control of him and from then on the game divides into 1st person, 3rd person and video sequences.

Throughout Adam’s wanderings he picks up bits and pieces, such as food, drink and bullets, all of which will or may be useful at some time, especially the re-trys which allow you to redo an error of judgment. There are many regular occurrences, people looting, mini gangs, frightened citizens etc, and some unusual moments such as running away from anyone who threatens you or pulling an empty gun on someone when they come at you with a tyre iron.

This game is so frighteningly good it hurts. It is a look at a world where a natural disaster has brought humanity to its knees. As you play you are expecting Zombies to come out of the woodwork, but instead the threat is more realistic and that’s what makes this a real challenge to survive and find more survivors who, like lost and frightened little lambs, need some leadership, that’s you!

But who do you trust? Approach the wrong person and they will start shooting or fighting or  running away. Remember, they are generally as worried and confused as you are, so you have to be careful every step of the way. Brilliant!



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