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HyperParasite Kickstarter is Now Live!  Snatch. Zap. Pledge!

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10th October 2018, Barcelona, Spain - It's time to get those pink neon socks out of the drawer and regrow that mullet - Troglobytes Games Kickstarter, for 1980s inspired
HyperParasite is now live!

The developers are seeking to raise $29,000 in order to accelerate development, and to aid with porting the game to consoles.
Set to release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Windows PC, HyperParasite is an ode to classics like Smash TV and Avenging Spirit! Although the game feels incredibly modern - with the symbiotic nature of snatching hosts and utilising their own distinct skills and weaponry, the retro inspired visuals and stunning synth-wave soundtrack will drag players back kicking and screaming to the 1980s.
"We're really excited to finally be on Kickstarter with our game, and hope that the Pre-Alpha build showcases the game that HyperParasite will be when finished." said Saverio Caporusso, CEO of Troglobytes Games. "We hope that our fans sample the game and then pledge on the campaign. Our Discord channel is now live and we really look forward to hearing from you all on what you think of our game!"

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