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Made with UNITY by NOBRAKES GAMES HUMAN FALL FLAT is a really weird game that will either grab you and be totally addictive or you will consider it a waste of your time.  I am addicted to it!

There is just something about it, what used to be called "the X Factor", that just draws me to it. The Puzzles are often easy and simple to determine and simple to solve. Sometimes the solving is easy to visualise but the actual execution is not always as practical to accomplish. 

Graphically it is adequate, game-wise it is partially retro, partially modernistic, certainly it feels modern arty enough to be a moving exhibit in a museum.

The HUMAN in question is an animation in the manner of movie star Big Hero 6 though, as the name suggests, human shaped. The game is a collective series of puzzles based mainly on science and physics.

On the ground you will often find an inanimate, plain block. It is a Remote Control. Pick it up and it will beam somewhat helpful instructions onto the nearest plain wall.

Using the basic WASD movement commands and the mouse to change the camera angles. The mouse buttons can also be used in conjunction with the Movement Keys to allow the jelly-bodied Human to Pull and Push while the [Spacebar] lets the characters jump. The HUMAN has arms and legs but no hands and feet and his head is sort of adorned by a cap, or he has a weird shaped head - I'm not judging I'm just saying. He can use all of his limbs and often needs to. Discovering the way to solve each puzzle is epic as there is often no specific action or movement you need to take, for like the game land it is open-ended.

When the Human (his name is Bob) jumps and lands he wibble-wobbles like a jelly on a plate or a flag blowing in the wind; it's fascinating! It's like rubber-necking from a car or watching a train-wreck you cannot pull yourself away from it even when you are failing all your attempts to succeed at solving the Puzzle. Bob has a never-ending dream of falling and he is positive that the dream means something, so it is through this dream you are controlling Bob in some open-ended imaginary land, trying to decipher the dream.

Bob is a human. Just a human. No hero. Zero superpowers. Period. Bob is more handy than he's handsome, but latter would not help much in:


With open-ended simulator at its core "Human: Fall Flat" allows you to relive Bobs story your own way. Every shortcut can be taken, every solution is welcome!

This is a hard game to call. I like it but I can't really say why, it's just that it works for me. Often with a game I can see good sides and bad parts that I can argue the pro's and cons over and then make a suggestion or a recommendation. HUMAN FALL FLAT falls out of the norm. It is puzzle solving and educational ands it is fun and interesting but it is also so very bland and basic which sort of negates my preceeding praise; as I said it's a hard game to call.

The game is currently available for the PC via the STEAM media, however it isn't the fully rounded finished and perfected game that is available, it is a prototype. If you purchase it at the moment you will get the rough diamond copy but over time that will be polished through amendments and updates to become a shining, sparkling gem that will look as good as it plays.



Why a paid prototype? 
Being small indie studio means we have no external investment. Unfortunatelly we do have costs. Charging a small amount for prototype allows us making this game better. Also this is a good way to tell us “this is a kind of game I’ve been waiting for!”

How ready is the game?  
It works! There may be few rough edges, but nothing should be breaking the game. Full version will have a bit more content and polish.

Will I get the updates?  
You will get the updates and the Steam key for a full game once it's released.




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