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We received a message: Raid & Trade production goes well and here is some progress. 
Cloth bag: Is thick, high quality, and the overall material is great. Dice: Are heavy, good acrylic material, print is bigger, 6-sided with rounded edges. Finally the Metal Credit Discs: The design is same on both sides, engraved, metal, 7 colors were used to make them, 3cm diameter. Each set includes 5 coins in 3 different values: 2, 3 and 4. We will receive soon photo material from the printing of the game (box, tiles, components). Feel free to vote the images and leave your feedback on BoardGameGeek Gallery. Click here.
We delayed quite some time to begin the printing and the reason is the rulebook. We detected several mistakes, or phrases that should be changed, so we took our time waiting feedback. We tried to build rules in a way that you will be able to understand easily and at the same time it will cover as many questions as possible.


12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy production is ready and 2 ships will leave from China this week.
To USA: The ship needs about 20 days. For customs and delivery to warehouse we need about 5 business days (except if they delay the cargo). When we get the games there, we unpack and need about 5 business days before starting sending orders.

To Europe: Ship needs about 30 days. For customs and delivery to warehouse we need 2-3 business days. While in USA ship takes less time to arrive, we lose more time in customs. Anyway, as soon we get the games in Europe, we need about 1-2 business days before sending orders.

We always try to book as fast ships as we can, especially when there is delay from the factories. Our apologies for the delay but we prefer to delay a production rather than to deliver something wrong and we found several mistakes as you know from our previous updates. Now we know what we will deliver. Print and Quality are just fine, we have checked everything. 

Currently we prepare Bedtime Story on Kickstarter (check here) we have made several changes. One of them is that we have started sculpting all models we need a lot before the production so we can be sure that we will be able to save time next time. Thank you for your support, we hope that you will enjoy Ancestors Legacy and support Bedtime Story. Now we can also offer FREE ships worldwide. You can find all info and details on the previous link. If you want to receive notification upon launching the project, click on "Notify me on Launch" button you will see at the preview page.


Hoyuk: Anatolia production is complete. Few days we received the game via courier in order to confirm that everything is ok. Quality, colors, material everything is perfect. As we see we will be able to deliver the game earlier from our original estimations which is good. The basic game of Hoyuk is now sold out since we have no available copies in the warehouses except few we kept for some orders and now we program the reprint which will take place probably early summer. 

Remember that Anatolia is not stand-alone item. You must have Hoyuk in order to play it.


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