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4x Space Strategy Title 'Horizon' launched on Steam's 'Early Access'!

Developer L3O Interactive in search for feedback from 4x gamers

Haarlem, The Netherlands - 03 July 2013 - Videogames publisher Iceberg Interactive is pleased to announce that its new 4x turn-based strategy game “Horizon” has now officially released on Steam’s ‘Early Access’. Horizon is currently in an advanced development stage with many of its features working but not yet fully complete. Developer L3O Interactive invites gamers to give valuable feedback and to participate in the discussion on the official forums here:

We are very excited to be on Early Access! Making the game accessible during development is really important to us to gather feedback from our gaming community. We are very much looking forward to interacting with all of you to help us shape Horizon into its final form.”, says Raffi Parsekhian, CEO at L30 Interactive.

Along with the release of Horizon on Early Access, an official teaser trailer has been released and can be streamed at the Iceberg Youtube Channel or downloaded here:

Purchase Horizon on Steam for an early admission price of $18,99 and get immediate access to play the game in its current form here:

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