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Fresh post- launch update for space 4x game Horizon (PC)

         Horizon update comes with new screenshot pack 

Haarlem, The Netherlands -19 June 2014 – Developer L3O Interactive and publisher Iceberg Interactive announce the second post-launch update for the 4x space strategy title Horizon (PC), released in February this year. The update is designed per community requests to make the gameplay more challenging with a number of interesting improvements and tweaks.
The update introduces a new combat management system, allowing players to better manage each and every battle. Battle engagements are now individually presented on the galaxy map for players to make quick and informed decisions to engage, retreat or auto-resolve. An after battle report summary is also displayed with the results. The system also enhances the participation of allies which can join the battle on either side.
Important Update notes:  In addition, players will notice many other requests that our community have been asking for such as retreat orders, improved combat actions and other UI and gameplay improvements.
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