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Fiery corsair Leisure

The turbulent re-release Hook of Pegasus Games calls for the speedy fingers more alert pirates.

Friedberg, 07/03/2014: Peaceful ships are under the Caribbean sun on windless sea. What sounds like a vacation for others, is an imposition on real buccaneers. To bridge the doldrums until the next raid, the pirates but maintain their very own form of Keep the fun: In a fiery competition they bombard each other with cannon balls, try as possible to catch many parrots - and of course the bottle of rum is never far away.

With Hook by Marco Teubner presented Pegasus Spiele the craziest pastime since there are wood legs. Three to six fur seals from eight years can be measured in less than 30 minutes with each other and thereby make us forget any doldrums. Friends buccaneer can join together in a team game and compete against up to two other pirate teams. Warning: Players with hook hand are clearly at a disadvantage. RRP € 14.95


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