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Last year MAGIC the GATHERING released a super Holiday Gift, a Box containing 4 Ravnica Boosters
and the necessary inserts etc to give card collectors a superb box that would hold around 2000 Magic the
Gathering cards, separated by specialised dividers.

This year Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro have released another Holiday Gift Box, this time based around the
latest THEROS series. Once again the box is large enough to hold 2000 Magic the Gathering cards and once
more it has 4 Booster packs of 15 cards each - this time from THEROS - a set of Dividers with a sticker sheet
so that you can customise them to your own personal design, 20 Land cards (also from Theros) and an alternate


art Karametra's Acolyte card which is only available (as far as I understand) with this Holiday Gift Box.

The cards in the boosters are Random, so there is no reason for me to list what I found in mine (nothing too
special unfortunately) as anyone who has played Magic the Gathering will by now understand the composition
of Booster packs. It is highly unlikely (nay impossible) that it will be possible to make a playable deck from
the 60 cards from the Boosters and the Land cards. The Box makes for great portable storage allowing you to
have your cards sorted into Decks, by single colour and type or however you like to prepare for tournaments
and event days.

This may not be a must have part of the Theros series of card boxes but it is very good for its purpose as a
Gift, be-it for Christmas, Birthday or just because you are feeling magnanimous towards your fellow players.
It is officially available from 16th November 2013 but it has been available for pre-order on the internet for the
past few weeks.

If you are considering buying this for a new player as a starter set then do not do so unless you are also going to
provide a couple of the THEROS INTRO DECKS as well. It is not designed for new players, more like a present
for someone who you know plays or collects MtG regularly.

The above picture of the box contents and price of $24.99 was found online, but I suggest you shop around as
I have seen it on the internet by searching through Google etc. for $19.00 - $25.00 in the USA and for around
£13.00-£15.00 in the UK, postage not included.





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