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HITMAN: SNIPER ASSASSIN is the game that puts you and a friend behind the sights of some of the World's most powerful weapons, with those sights aimed firmly at some of the World's most villainous villains.

HITMAN 2 is due out in November this year for all major machines; SNIPER ASSASSIN is an additiona=l                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I have to be straight up and honest here, because I always am  straight and honest with my reviews but also because I need to tell you, the possible assassin of the title, that I have yet to get past the first mission.


This isn't because I am not enjoying or don't like the game, quite the opposite in fact, but I am having major trouble playing it solo because the moment I manage to get the sights to remain still on one of my three intended victims and pull the trigger to kill my target the other two villains run off in separate (and opposite) directions and then I cannot prevent them from getting away, one to the Limo and the other to the Helicopter. I have adjusted the sensitivity of the game controller to as low as possible but when viewing through the gun-sights the crosshairs bounce and move all over the place - I have managed, more by luck than judgement, to kill 2 of the 3 but only once and as I say it was more by luck.

I used to belong to a rifle club where many of the guys used to also shoot regularly at Bisley and a couple had even shot for England in International games. They taught me how to lie prone, how to wrap the strap around my arm, how to dig my elbows in hars and how to hold the rifle (only a .22) so that I could cleanly look through the sight and keep my eye and the sight held on the target. Hold your breath, exhale slowly, stop shoot. HITMAN: SNIPER ASSASSIN puts me back behind those sights but with no strap to hold and unable to dig my elbows in I still haven't managed to hold the sights still enough and quick enough for three sharp shots (not the fault of the game, just my age and lack of flexible digits). I can see that having another player working alongside me would make this a much easier mission. But in a way I wouldn't want it to be too easy as that would take the edge off of it.  This is a game that I want to be successful at so even though it's frustrating for me it won't keep me from trying again and probably again.


So how can I review HITMAN: SNIPER ASSASSIN if I haven't played it through ? I may not have completed the first mission but I have played it for hours, literally. I have played it so many times that I am dreaming that my wish of having a quick restart of the game was more than a wish or a dream. Everytime I fail I have to go through all the opening mission details again, it would be so much nicer if I could just go back to sitting high up on the ledge receiving the mission instructions in my ear. Playing this game while wearing headphones is absolutely awesome.

Being an 'older' player and also into my music I had to have a giggle at the first mission details, to kill the last three members of the Yardbirds? I always thought that their music was good, not at all bad, plus they had some promising musicians, guys named Clapton, Beck, Relf etc anyway it isn't those Yardbirds you have to kill, it's the three named villains, Doris Lee, Guillaume Maison and Dorian Lang (each has a nickname featuring a bird). The venue for your assassinations is the wedding of Lang's daughter and she, with Lang, arrive at the beautiful mountain-based hotel complex by Limo, driving to the left of the screen and approaching the guests on foot through the flowered arch and across the front yard. Doris Lee arrives around the same time, maybe a few seconds later, by helicopter to your right. She disembarks the chopper and walks, with a bodyguard close by, along a path as if traversing a maze. Maison is already there, having arrived early and is on the balcony of a first floor room watching/overseeing the guests arrival.


I am so glad that this isn't in 3D, but HITMAN: SNIPER ASSASSIN would make an excellent game for the VR System on the PS4. The reason I'm glad it in't 3D is because I don't have the Sony PS4 VR System (if you're reading this Sony I'm open for a review copy of the VR System please).


Visually this is superb. The characters are amazingly lifelike and not just facially; they move and act like you are watching a movie not playing a game. There are three main characters including Agent 47 from which you and a friend (in multi-player mode) can choose to control, each Agent with their own specialist training and bullet power.

Gameplay. I have already explained that it is very difficult to keep the crosshairs still for long enough to shoot and kill someone, especially once you have taken/made the initial shot/hit. The controls are fairly basic, use one trigger to zoom and aim and the other to pull the trigger, using the Left & Right joysticks on the pad.

Guillaume Maison                                                          Doris Lee    

Your choice of character depends on where your target is. If it's behind a wall you will need bullets that can go straight through walls. If the target is wearing a vest you need armour piercing bullets. With me behind the rifle, the targets could be standing in a chorus line and dancing to "Hello Dolly" and they would still be safe (well at least one of them would). There are several videos on Youtube to show you some of the excellence this game offers and I sincerely advise that you go check them out. 


Dorian Lang

I keep mentioning this specific mission but as this is a precursor to the launch of HITMAN 2 which is freely available to people who have pre-ordered (and certain journalists) then it is possible that there isn't a secondary or tertiary task to complete and I am worrying about not progressing fast enough when indeed there might not be anywhere to progress to.

​This is devised to get players ready for the new HITMAN 2 and to playing alongside other players so that when the opportunity to go on multiplayer missions is given you will be up to speed. Now that I have a second PS4 controller (I got a nice camouflage design one in Walmarts for $39.00)  I need to find a suitable partner so that Agent 47 can larn to play nicely with someone on his six.

On the basis of what I have so far played and with the forward looking thrill of the new launch I can merrily recommend this to all players who enjoy the first person shooter genre, although there is enough to suggest that the future holds more than just an aim and fire game.

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