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Hitman is a great series of first person shooters and Absolution continues this with aplomb.

The game is about using stealth, disguise, thoughtful assassinations and downright bravado.It is excellent in its execution, beautiful in its animation and fast moving - full action.

Once again I will defer to my 14 year old Grandson, Jaysen, who took it on himself to play this through to its conclusion........


"In Hitman Absolution you are given numerous, varied and different assignments - kill this guy, steal this item, infiltrate this area etc being amongst the most popular. The great thing is, is that
there is generally not just one way of completing/doing each assignment. You can kill someone then steal their clothes and disguise yourself as that person, just wearing a cap and the clothes
that are recognised by the villains can allow you to walk past them unnoticed. You can trigger an alarm, take down enemies one at a time, lure enemies away by throwing something that will
distract them.. the list goes on.

You are Agent 47 and you use instinct to see your enemies, often using Point Shooting which allows you to stop/freeze the action, take specific aim at a number of enemies and then as the
action comes to life you automatically shoot at them all, mainly hitting and killing them.

Point Shooting is a sort of cheat because while you are taking your aim at numerous villains they are frozen and unable to take evasive action.

As you progress you gain achievements and unlock new disguises that are essential for your success in later contracts.  Some of these contracts have you killing several villains at different
times and places and only your disguises can get you close enough to your targets.

I canot compare Hitman Absolution to other Hitman games as I haven't played any of them, but if this is anything to go by I will belooking out for them now as this is great fun."

Now it is my turn to continue my game of Hitman Absolution knowing that Jaysen will be there when required to help me out and point me in the right direction. I don't know how he does it - he
started and finished 3 different games in about 8 - 10 hours. (Hitman, BioShock and Far Cry BDs) I have played all of them and done quite well but in a much longer time and with less success.

This proves that if you are a slower player (like me) you can still get a lot of gameplay and enjoyment out of games that other faster players can complete in 2-4 hours. I find that by going slower I find more
things that although are not necessary to the actual story plot make it a different game. Hitman Absolution is, as Jaysen says, great fun, 
and, I should add, very violent.

Should a 14 year old be allowed to play games like this ?  We all know that nowadays censorship means very little. Young teenagers brazenly go to the cinema and watch Certificate 18s, or more likely they stay
at home and watch them on DVD in full HD, even 3D, and games are the same. If they are in the house and the teen can turn on the PC, TV or DVD (most teens can operate these machines better than adults can)
then there is no point in censoring them from playing as they will when the "adults" are out.

This is only our opinion though and we believe that each family should make up their own minds on  censorship we are not offering anything other than our personal thoughts. I do think that the
street language is often used a little too much, but once again, in my opinion, the teens know the words, and probably many others, so I guess I am just old fashioned.
I used to watch Hopalong Cassidy shoot bad guys in the back and so many Hero Cowboys kill Indians just because they were Indians, and this never clouded my youth - I have never felt the
need/urge to  kill anyone, Indian or not. 

If you are going to play Hitman Absolution, or any of the violent action adventure games available then you must be aware that there is going to be some blood and some fruity language. Thankfully the game is far better than to
need the swearing to make it playable - I mean teens aren't going to play it just because they can snigger at the language, they are going to play it for the game play and story.

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