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Playing in a historical setting

Bad Nauheim plays! Supported by Pegasus Games will take place from 26th-28th September 2014 instead - just in time to appear Village Port, the second expansion for the "connoisseur Game of the Year" 2012 Village


Friedberg, September 18, 2014: Built in 1905 in Bad Nauheim Sprudelhof is a unique testimony of German Jugendstil. In this wonderful setting make from 26 to 28 September 2014 together families and friends games to each other to share the joy of playing. The Games event Bad Nauheim plays! Place in 2014 held for the second time. As last year, the event will be actively supported by Pegasus Spiele and admission is free. But there are also some new features.

With a wide, family-friendly program is playing in Bad Nauheim for all ages something: the kids can immerse themselves in numerous board games and large games as well as the rolling library of EvA automobile the city of Bad Nauheim. Experienced players and curious is, however, a huge selection of different games available. And thanks to the many games explainer of Pegasus Games Teams, visitors can quickly immerse yourself in the game.
For the first time the guests of Bad Nauheim can play this year tried to purchase the title on the spot - so special: The proceeds go to the youth house in Bad Nauheim "Old Fire Station" benefit.

Even ambitious players will play in Bad Nauheim something to offer: On Saturday, 27 September, finds here the German Championships in the "connoisseur Game of the Year" 2014 Istanbul. The next day, following the German Championship "Kenner Game of the Year" 2012 Village, where all participants will receive the brand new Village -Promos. Speaking of "brand new": Just in time passes to Bad Nauheim appears Village Port, the highly anticipated second expansion for Village!. By this opens with a harbor, sea routes and career opportunities the popular village of game history of the wide world.

Bad Nauheim plays! Begins on Friday, September 26 at 18 clock. On the following days, visitors can take the dice on hand already starting from 10 clock. For a program overview of Bad Nauheim plays!, And more information visit .

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