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High Rise is Hits Heights on Kickstarter!

High Rise is going to happen! We hit our funding goal within about 6 hours of the campaign's end. A little on the dramatic side, if you ask me, but it worked!

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, you can now pre-order the game! You'll get 5 extra Tenant Tiles included with your order. You can also order the "fancy bits" Kickstarter stretch goal if you'd like your copy to look a bit nicer.

If you'd like multiple copies, I'm also offering discounted 2- and 4-packs. Please do not order the Retailer pack unless you are actually a retailer. Yes, I will be verifying it. :)

IMPORTANT: If you backed the Kickstarter campaign, please do not use this link to order any add-ons! Instead, wait one more week for your BackerKit survey, and order through the link there. That way, you won't have to enter your info across two BackerKit accounts, and any extra money you put into the Kickstarter will count for your BackerKit pre-orders.

Next High Rise demo opportunities: Toronto, Buffalo, NYC

I've been taking High Rise around the United States, running demos in Brooklyn, Nashua, Reno, and San Francisco. Why stop now? :)

I will jumping back and forth between Toronto, Ontario and Buffalo, New York between April 10 and 19. If you are part of a board gaming group who would be interested in trying High Rise, please email me and we can work out a time when I can come by and show the game!

This offer also applies to anyone within a roughly 90-minute drive of Buffalo or Toronto. For example, if you're in Hamilton, ON or Rochester, NY, get in touch!

From April 29 to May 14, I'll be back in the NYC metro area, and able to do demos to any groups within a 2-hour drive, including Philadelphia, PA. 

Please be certain that you have players who will be interested in trying the game on that given night before reaching out!

Ludology wins a Golden Geek for Best Podcast!

Ludology has won a Golden Geek award for Best Podcast! We were up against some longtime favorites like Heavy Cardboard and Blue Peg, Pink Peg, as well as some outstanding newcomers like This Game is Broken and Five Games for Doomsday

Just about all of the nominees are excellent podcasts, so this win is a huge honor. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

That's all the news for April. See you in a few weeks for the next update!

I've been testing this version of the game furiously for the past few weeks, and I'm really happy where it is. The game still has a strong sense of scale and verticality, but we were able to get the main pledge level down to $59 plus shipping.

Please join me today. I can't wait for High Rise to join the Formal Ferret family of games!

4 weeks, 4 conventions

I'll be at 4 conventions in the next 4 weeks. It'll be an excellent opportunity for you to try High Rise!

First up: Granite Game Summit in Nashua, NH, from Friday March 8 to Sunday March 10. This is a small convention that has a lovely intimate vibe. I'll be showing High Rise on Saturday March 9 at noon, but I'm sure I'll be showing it all weekend!

Second up: GAMA Trade Show in Reno, NV from Monday, March 11 to Friday, March 15. As the name implies, this is a trade show, so it's not open to the public. But if you're a retailer or a distributor and you'll be attending, please let me know so we can schedule a meeting, or come by booth 218 during vendor hall hours on Wednesday and Thursday!

Third up: GDC in San Francisco, CA from Monday, March 18 to Friday, March 22. I have the good fortune of speaking there on Monday. Afterwards, I'll be roaming the halls, so come find me if you would like to chat or play something!

I'm hoping to find as many gaming meetups as I can in the Bay Area while I'm in San Francisco. Follow my Twitter or Facebook to find out where I'll be!

Finally: PAX East in Boston, MA from Thursday, March 28 to Sunday, March 31. I'll be in the Tabletop area, booth TT03. We will be demoing and selling The Networks, Wordsy, and Bad Medicine, and we'll have a demo copy of High Rise to show off as well.

It's a grueling schedule, but I'm excited to hit the road and meet up with all of you!


Bad Medicine in stores on March 6

Finally, another big milestone for Formal Ferret Games: after almost 4 years, Bad Medicine will be back in stores on March 6! If you don't have the game yet, or you'd like to get it for a friend, you'll be able to starting Wednesday.

That's the news for March. See you on Kickstarter!





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