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You may have missed the official announcement on the High Noon Kickstarter page (, but we are proud to announce that we have unlocked the Bandero Blondes and Grizzly Greenwood bundle for pre-order!

That also means you’ll be getting 18 additional Kickstarter Exclusive loot cards including the Break Action Shotgun, Elephant Gun, Shotgun Slugs, Black Knife, Huntsman Boots and Sultry Perfume!

You can grab these awesome expansions and more at our High Noon pre-order page.

Preorder Now!

Furthermore, we are excited to announce our sponsorship, participation and exhibition at the Bit Boards Con this weekend!

Bit Boards does online board game conventions right. Explore our Interactive Convention Hall starting Saturday, July 24th at 12pm EDT.

Bit Boards is The Digital Board Game Convention. We do our best to support the board game design and development community.

Bit Boards brings board game designers and publishers together with an excited audience. Play games with their creators, listen to talks from board game experts, and explore our Interactive Convention Map with goodies and Easter eggs.

Bit Boards opens July 24th at 12pm and continues until July 25th at 6pm EST. Apply to speak at our event, host a play session of your game, and even sell your game in our vendor village.

Links: Website: Tickets:

The HIGH NOON Starter Set plus all the Add-ons runs out to $463.00



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