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Fantasy RPG Now Available for PC, Mac, and Linux

Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar is a fast paced game for PC, Mac and Linux Features include a full-fledged armor and weapon crafting system, both story-driven and random encounters, over 130 monsters to battle and dozens of unlockable powers and abilities to wield against foes as you fight save Kolhar from an evil prophecy's unfolding. Players lead a party of wizards, warriors and assassins into battle in this game which is currently available via Steam, the Phoenix Online Store (, and other major online retailers. 


Key Features:

In Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar, a trio of adventurers set out to save the kingdom of Kolhar, along the way encountering hordes of enemies and finding new allies. Fighting with swords, sorcery, and elemental powers, players can craft their equipment as they gain experience and collect artifacts on their quest. The adaptable gameplay is easily accessible for beginners while offering plenty of variety and depth for experienced adventurers. Heroes & Legends is also packaged with a gorgeous printable Bestiary featuring over 50 monsters, and a set of 10 collectible cards, which are also available for free at Phoenix’s website. 

When the game begins you get to select a band of intrepid warriors, - (I always wanted to say that - does intrepid mean three ?) - three, chosen from a reasonable selection of different classes. Then you select a location from the map and the battle begins. Three opponents line up, one under the other, on the right hand side of the screen and your three heroes pop up on the left hand side facing them. Combat is turn based so each character and adversary get to strike, fire, spell once per round and the fight continues until only one side remains (or part of one side, characters can die). Death isn't always permanent though for there are spells and healing items and potions that can resurrect plus other abilities and spells etc become available during combat. The battle will also go on hold if you (a character) gain a level while fighting so that you can adjust the character's skill tree accordingly and then carry on.

If one of your characters is stronger and easily beats the opponent opposite them you can move your victorious character up or down the column to take the place of a character that is struggling or dead. There is no diagonal combat or interaction so that if you think of your characters in a row as 1 Top,       2 Middle and 3 Bottom and the opposition the same you will have 1 v 1, 2 v 2 and 3 v 3. If for example character 1 kills opponent 1, character 1 cannot then join in with character 2 to hit opponent 2. It can however swap places with character 2 (or 3) as/if neccessary and then continue the fight one on one. The opponents do not move up, down or swap places if they defeat a character or are in hard trouble against a character, instead they wait for you to send a character against them.  When all of one side has been defeated the combat / battle ends. If you win then you usually find a new location to visit - though you can update your characters or change members of your group before going on another journey.

The game mentions role-playing but in all seriousness it has virtually none of the aspects of role-playing, unless you count having characters that go up levels (of experience) by fighting as role-playing. If you have collected some unwanted pieces of equipment etc during the battle you can visit the Forge (its on the map) where you can recycle the items down into components/resources which can be used, also at the Forge, to create new weapons and equipment; this is good and works fine but it is more in tune with MMOs than RPGs.

This is a fine, fun, combat game but it isn't one that I would class as an adventure. It's for players who like direct combat based games which can be tweaked a little, and often, during the action.    For more information, see

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