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Hellfrost Adventure Codex I COVER IMAGE

Dear Hellfrost Fans!

It's been a busy week in the Triple Ace Games office and we are excited to announce a new release!

We are keen for all to play Hellfrost as well as our other great settings for Savage Worlds. To that end we are excited to announce a new line of Hardback books celebrating the extensive adventure catalogue for all of our lines!

We're launching the Codex series of books with the Hellfrost Adventure Codex which features 20 of the best Hellfrost adventures that have been previously released in both PDF & Softback.

Daring Tales of Adventure and Sundered Skies adventures will get the same treatment and will follow soon!

This sizeable hardback tomb is avilable to pre-order from today and for just $59.99 you can get this 550 page hardbackl of pure Hellfrost adventure! During this pre-order period we'll throw in the pdf's as well for free!

Within its pages you will find the following adventures:

Lair Of The Vermin Lord 
The Dark Seed 
Pirates Of The Crystalflow 
The Eostre Festival 
Lost City Of Paraxus 
Descent Into Madness 
The Ice Fiend 
Fey Tower & Deadly Glade 
Sins Of The Father 
The Blood Of Godhammer 
The Blood Tide 
Tales Of Darkness 
Against The Elements 
Web Of Deceit 
Death In The Mire 
Clash Of Steel 
Shadow Of Darkness 
The Siege Of Watchgap Fort 
The Heart Of Winter 
The Frost Giant’s Hold

Click here to pre-order today and get it in time for Christmas!


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