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All the glorious color Hellfrost maps but without any of the text. Ideal for mapping a campaign on the tabletop!

The 382-page Hellfrost Atlas, a product asked for by our fans, provided not only expanded details on the northern continent, but also detailed overland maps at a scale of 1" = 44 miles (3 cm = 50 miles).

For those who want only the glorious full color maps, perhaps to plan your Hellfrost campaigns or to track your group's progress across the continent, for use in your homebrew fantasy games, or even to pin to your wall and admire, we have just the thing for you!

Hellfrost Atlas Map Card Set

Format: 46 cards (8.5" x 11") printed on 300gsm Freelife Satin card stock. These are not dry erase coated.

This product comprises 45 pages of full color overland maps printed on card plus a separate card for the map legend. Laid out on the table, the cards form a 9x5 rectangle measuring 76.5" (301cm) x 55" (140 cm). That's an area of over 29 square feet (2.7 square meters).

This product will be available through the Triple Ace Games and RPGNow web stores after the Kickstarter ends. What you get by supporting the Kickstarter is a 17% discount over the RRP (£36/$50) and cheaper shipping.

Please note that if you previously backed the Hellfrost Atlas Kickstarter then you already have the overland maps in PDF format. You don't need them again.

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