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Work on the Hellfrost City Book maps is progressing well - we hope to finish that phase in the next week or two. Then it's on to final layout and preparing the files for printing!

While we continue plodding the streets of some of Hellfrost's iconic and best-loved cities, you get a first peek at the final covers for each of the tomes. All five covers, plus a full page drawing in City Book 5, are the work of Justin Russell of Epic Werkes Studio.

Don't worry if you missed the Kickstarter campaign for these magnificent guidebooks - you can still grab the print + PDF pre-order bundle from our website.

Not only do we have the sweet covers to crow about, but we also have a video showing how Rob translates Wiggy's ugly pencil sketches into stunning play aids. Watch as an entire city comes to life before your eyes!


Just a reminder that the Kickstarter campaign for our Viking-themed polyhedral dice set launches this coming Monday! We hope you'll take a few minutes to browse the preview page.

As well as different colors (blue, red, and yellow), there are two special dice available as add-ons -- a green d6 designed as a Wild Die for Savage Worlds games and a green d20 for use as an advantage die in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.


Late September sees the launch of anIndieGoGo campaign for the second print book in our popular Heroes & Villain line -Citizens of Al-Shirkuh!

Most people have no great destiny. They are born, grow old, and die without ever seeing the many wonders or facing the endless perils the desert has to offer. This is all they will ever know, and in that they are content. Others, though, strive for greatness. Their names may be unknown to storytellers and sages for now, but there will come a time when their deeds will be counted among those of the heroes of old.

This supplement contains 50 characters, both villainous and heroic, ready to be dropped into any Hellfrost: Land of Fire or Arabian Nights style game or used as player characters.

To make life easy for the reader, each character's statistics, background, description, mannerisms, and image fits on a single page.

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