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Hellfrost Atlas General Release

Atlas of the Frozen North brings new detail and exquisite maps for your adventures in Rassilon.

The world of Rassilon is an ancient land, one scarred by war, weather, and time. Over countless millennia it has hidden its many secrets from view. Unlock these secrets and discover the world of Rassilon in all its glory!

Hellfrost Atlas of the Frozen North takes you on an epic journey of discovery and exploration, one which delves deep into the rich geography and history of the lands of the frozen north. Triple Ace Games invites you to hold all of this epic landscape in your hands as we open up the secrets of Rassilon in new and amazing detail.

Your adventure in this vibrant land will never be the same once you have glanced upon the pages of the Atlas!

Within this book you’ll find:

▪ Expanded descriptions on 49 regions, as well as the mystical lands of Alfheim, the turbulent Ten Seas, and the subterranean deeps of Ertha’s Realm.
▪ Hundreds of locations to explore.
▪ Rules for creating sacred places, with detailed examples.
▪ Three new organizations suitable for player characters.
▪ Glorious full color maps, showing the continent and major cities in never-seen-before detail.

Purchase the PDF or print version from Triple Ace Games or RPGNow.


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