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Heat is a card game for three to five players, taking twenty to thirty minutes to play. The artwork is great, very retro, sleek, and fits the theme of Heists really nicely, looking at the cards it is very easy to visualise what your gang is upto during the various stages of each Heist.

To start, each player is dealt five cards, which you keep face down, unseen, the top two are drawn and looked at, then you pass one on to the next player. You then draw the next card off your pile and repeat, until you have five cards, this draft style of drawing cards is a nice touch, but takes a little getting used to. When all players have their cards, each plays one simultaneously, and they are resolved in order A/B/C as marked on the cards. Generally cards gain you money (and also Heat), gain/lose you Heat, or have an effect, such as to play an extra card, replacing one in play already etc..

As you gain heat, the state of affairs tracker constantly changes, the more Heat the players gain, the higher the cost to bribe the cops at the scoring section of a Heist. Each Heist is four stages, each stage being the playing of a card and resolving the effect. At the end of three heists, the player with the most money is the winner.

Part of the fun of Heat, is that social interaction is encouraged, once you know the cards, chatting up your plan, and even liying about the cards you are playing is actively encouraged.

Heat is a great game between games, or as an evening ender. 

Asmadi  Games have made Heat available for free as print and play on their website, where you can also find their full range of games.




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