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It's official!  Columbia Games will be at GenCon 2013! 

Columbia Games will once again have a booth at Gen Con this year. We have a lot of exciting new products and a growing list of old products being republished in our new colorful layout.

Join in the fun - August 2013.

GM Walt McAtee is planning a Harn event called The Red Caravan Saturday (8/17) @ 10:00 AM.  Details are online at:

To view the event description on click here (you must log-in to

Columbia Games block games and Slapshot events are also planned.

5001 HarnWorld (Boxed Set) $39.98


ârnWorld is a realistic medieval environment for fantasy gaming. Using any rule system, you can create and plan your own quests and adventures within a complex and detailed fantasy background. HârnWorld is supported by an outstanding series of expansion modules. Quality, detail, and consistency are evident on every page. Welcome to Hârn...where the fantasy is real!

A rugged, forested, hazy island off the northwest coast of Lythia. Tales of wild men, dwarves, elves, and fearsome beasts have been carried to the continent and these discourage all but the most adventurous of travellers. Included is a beautiful full-color map of the island, an overview, and a detailed index of the cultures, economics, geography, history, politics, and religions of Hârn.

Lythia is Kethira's largest continent, an immense land of diverse cultures and peoples. Included is a full color map of the continent showing the major rivers, mountain ranges, regions, kingdoms, cities, and trade routes, etc. Also included is an annotated index describing all of the above, supported by several political, economic, and language maps.

The name for Hârn's water planet which has three continents and two large polar ice caps. A full color map of the planet, plus maps of ocean currents, prevailing winds, and tectonic plates are included.

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