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HârnQuest news and a new perk.

Columbia Games HârnQuest subscription now comes with a new perk.

Subscribers can purchase any Hârn PDFs at half-price.

Join HârnQuest today; save money on both new and classic Hârn PDFs.

Current subscribers can enjoy these exclusive savings immediately; your subscription discount for PDFs has already been connected to your account on 

The next HârnQuest release will feature Marby Castle (Orbaal), Geshtei Castle (Tharda), and maps G-1 and I-1 from the Atlas Hârnica series.  Purchased normally, these articles cost more than $25.

You can subscribe in Print for $19.98 plus postage.
PDF subscription is $19.98 with no postage.
Or get both for just $5 more ($24.98) plus postage.

If you are already subscribed and want to change your subscription type, please advise us by email.

Hârn PDFs from

Hârn modules can be purchased in PDF format from Columbia Games directly.  

Instant delivery; no postage.

When you order from Columbia Games, every  $5 Dollars you spend earns 1 Game Dollar. 

Game Dollars never expire. They can be spent anytime like real dollars.

Note: Game Dollars cannot be spent in combination with the HârnQuest 50% PDF discount. 

Columbia Games attended Gencon in 2016.  We manned a booth in the exhibit hall and supported several events. Grant and Tom Dalgliesh attended along with Hârn artist Richard Luschek and Hârn editor Brent Bailey.

All of the Hârn events were sold-out indicating a demand for more sponsored events in 2017.

We are therefore looking to expand the number of Hârn events and will sponsor events using any game system.  Please start thinking about your plans for GenCon 2017 early.

Hârn Map FREE

Harn MapThe original Hârn map, drawn by N. Robin Crossby and first printed in 1983, is one of the most beautiful fantasy maps ever created.  It is 22 x 34 inches with colorful terrain and dotted with hundreds of castles, cities, and other points of interest.

HârnWorld is a gaming environment suitable for anyrole-playing game system.

The Hârn Map is available as a free PDF from Columbia Games for a limited time.  This edition includes a cultural map and details on the reverse side.

The Hârn map has a letter/number grid that is useful for locating sites. Many of the grid squares have been detailed in the Atlas Hârnica series. Hundreds of closer scale, local maps, exist showing cities, castles, manors and more.  The hexes on the map correspond exactly between Regional and Atlas Maps and allow reliable measuring of distances and travel times.

The master encyclopedia/index of the map is Hârndex.  Hârndex is a 154 page alphabetical, general reference source book for gamemasters using HârnWorld. Every settlement shown on the Hârn Map is included along with historical, cultural, political, economic, guild and religious entries and more.  Location entries give the name of the holder, the liege, and approximate population, plus historical and biographical notes.

Prefer a print?  
Prints of the Hârn map are available folded (on sale for 50% off) or laminated. 

There is also a FREE online clickable Hârn map/index.

You may also wish to download some of the other freebies such as the Map Keys PDFReligious Calendar PDF, etc.  

Be sure to visit for hundreds more free fan-created resources and discuss Hârn in the livelyHârnForum.


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