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Geldeheim is the seat of Alegar II, King of Orbaal and valhakar of Clan Taareskeld. The castle is Orbaal's strongest fortification and sits on the south shore of the Geldesfjord, the most populous region of the kingdom. Geldeheim's rulers are warlike viking invaders from Ivinia who, despite conquering far northern Hârn more than 50 years ago, remain vastly outnumbered by the oppressed indigenous Jarin folk. Geldeheim Vathran


Atlas Hârnica Map H2
HarnAtlas Map H2

Atlas Hârnica map H2 covers the area around Geldeheim, seat of the King of Orbaal, and the rest of the Geldesfjord, the kingdom's most populous region. Major settlements include the castle towns of Geldeheim and Vaagel as well as the fortified thrans of Fjaga, Shien, Ebein, Zynholm, Daasen, Aaldem, and Pethwys. Like the rest of Orbaal, the terrain here is mountainous, with scattered villages, towns, and cultivated lands mostly along the rough coastline. The wild terrain, harsh seas, barbarian tribes, colonies of gargun (Hârnic orcs), and much more offer plenty of opportunities for adventure.



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