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  MY VICTIM  "13"


My Victim was created by Bill Storkson and Noel Jay in 1987 after being in bands together in High School in San Francisco. Initially formed with Frank Bobadilla and Eric Stalman. After an extensive search for the right singer Torre Carstensen joined in 1989 at the age of 17. My Victim went through several bass player changes starting with E. Stalman, then to JR Clegg, then to Ray Chandler and then again with Clegg. Drums were initially performed by Frank Bobadilla and taken over by Slade Anderson. MyVictim played 100s of shows with bands like Metallica, Exodus,Violence, Death Angel,Deftones,Angel Witch,Heathen,Anvil Chorus,Possessed,Defiance,Mordred, Epidemic,Verbal Abuse,Attitude Adjustment, MDC, D.R.I, RKL, and many others during the Bay Area heavy metal resurgence. My Victim was influenced by NWOBHM style and Thin Lizzy as primary influence of the double lead guitar with melodic overtones. My Victim was also inspired by the punk movement and hardcore thrash of the 80's. Currently My Victim is writing a new record for release this year with members Storkson, Carstensen,and Anderson, Taking a contemporary attitude with the classic sound of original My Victim. .

Hands Of Blue's goal is to make underground releases available in the German speaking region. There are many great albums to be discovered as almost everybody has the technical possibilites to record music with professional equipment these days. To find the best ones and make those available to you is our goal. 

Since the end of 2010 HANDS of BLUE has also turned into a Record Label

Hands of Blue releases to date: 

HOB002 SLAVES TO FASHION - Artistic Differences! Hard/Prog Rock from Norway   
HOB001 CHAOS THEORY - Whispers Of Doom! Australian Power Metal
HOB003 ROEL VAN HELDEN - RvH! Progressive Rock (25.10.2012)
HOB004 FORCES AT WORK - Straight! Progressive Thrash
HOB 005 MY VICTIM - 13! Modern Metal

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