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Created by Swiss games designer, Jacques Zeimet, HAMSTERROLLE from Zoch/Noris is a game in the same mold as RIFF RAFF,
JENGA and BAUSACK. It is a balancing game of the highest order and most fun!

Hamsterrolle is for 2-4 players, the age of whom doesn't matter as long as they can handle small wooden pieces safely and understand
the concept of the game play; which is the selection and placing of pieces onto the wheel.

The wheel, as you can see from the picture, is a wooden circle with small shelves spaced regularly around its inner circumference. Each
player has 7 pieces of wood, each set identical with each piece all shaped, sized and coloured accordingly. (see picture below)

  (picture copied from

The rules are simple. On your turn you take any one of your pieces and place it on one of the shelves of the wheel. The regulations are that
when placing a piece it must be put on either the shelf where the last piece was placed (by another player) or on a shelf ahead of this position,
but never behind. The other rule to remember is that each shelf may only hold one of each type of piece. There is a black piece, an inverted
cone, which is placed on the lowest part of the wheel to begin the game; this shows where players may begin placing their pieces.

Of course as you place pieces on the wheel it will begin to roll (thus you need a reasonably long playing area)  and pieces may fall off. Any
pieces that do fall off and hit the playing area (table, floor etc) are added to your supply. The player who safely places all of their pieces,
including any that have been added to their supply, wins.

Balancing games are either fun and entertaining or boringly slow and uninteresting, being little more than a test in dexterity without the fun aspect.
Hamsterrolle is definitely not of the latter type, it is a great addition to the ZOCH family of games that require the balancing precision wooden pieces.




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