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HARROW: Deluxe Deck. Paizo Publishing
Divination Deck & Card Game for PATHFINDER and other RPGs and Life

This is a revision of the HARROW deck Paizo released in 2008. This time the rules booklet contains the same text with additional
illustrations and the cards are not regular playing card size, instead they are elongated (card and a half size) more in the fashion of
what I would call regular Tarot card size.

The HARROW Deluxe Deck is a TAROT style deck and card game conceived by several well-known (famous) gaming celebrities:
 James Jacobs, Kyle Hunter, F. Wesley Schneider, Mike Selinker and James L. Sutter.   
Divination Design: Teeuwynn Woodruff. Graphic Design: Sonja Morris & Sarah Robinson.  With superb Artwork by Kyle Hunter.



There are six suits of cards: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma
These are represented by symbols: Hammer/Strength.  Key/Dexterity.   Shield/Constitution. Book/Intelligence.   Cross/Wisdom.   Crown/Charisma

The six sets are of nine cards each, one card for each of the nine alignments:
Lawful :                                    Neutral:                                     Chaotic:
Good (positive past)       Good (positive present)          Good (positive future)       
Neutral (unclear past)     Neutral (unclear present)       Neutral (unclear future)   
Evil (negative past)        Evil (negative present)           Evil (negative future)


Strength Cards:           The Paladin.  The Keep.  The Big Sky.  The Forge.  The Bear.  The Uprising. 
                                    The Fiend.   The Beating.  The Cyclone.
Dexterity Cards:         The Dance.  The Cricket.  The Juggler.  The Locksmith.  The Peacock. 
                                    The Rabbit Prince.  The Avalanche.  The Crows.  The Demon’s Lantern.
Constitution Cards:     The Trumpet.  The Survivor.  The Desert.  The Brass Dwarf.  The Teamster.
                                    The Mountain Men.  The Tangled Briar.  The Sickness.  The Waxworks.
Intelligence Cards:     The Hidden Truth.  The Wanderer.  The Joke.  The Inquisitor. 
                                   The Foreign Trader.   The Vision.  The Rakshasa.  The Idiot.  The Snakebite.
Wisdom Cards:          The Winged Serpent.  The Midwife.  The Publican.  The Queen Mother. 
                                   The Owl.  The Carnival.  The Eclipse. The Mute Hag.  The Lost.
Charisma Cards:        The Empty Throne.  The Theatre.  The Unicorn.  The Marriage.  The Twin. 
                                   The Courtesan.  The Tyrant.  The Betrayal.  The Liar.


The Harrow cards can be used in any role-playing game but have been created especially with the superb Paizo Publishing’s PATHFINDER rpg in mind. They can be used to slip information surreptitiously to player characters who visit the Harrowing specialist in town or perhaps they meet up with him or her on the road. Or you can use the cards to point characters in the right (or wrong) direction for the adventure/scenario.

The GM should ensure that they know the meanings of the cards – they can tell from which suit by the symbol at the bottom centre of each card – and they can tell the card’s alignment because each card has nine regular icons around the frame of the illustration with one of the cards showing the suit’s symbol.

You can also use the 54 cards as a Tarot deck and tell the fortunes of your friends and family. All of the cards are described with brief explanations within the rules booklet (Divination Book). Please remember though that these cards are really designed for use in a game and that you should live your life as you would usually do so and not according to the cards – unless you are a firm and affirmed believer in Tarot readings.

These are quality cards, they are hard wearing – they need to be for the amount of handling they take – and they shuffle and deal easily.

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