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Menekai Castle Salt Route Patrel: Hodiri Tribal                                            Moot
Menekai is the grim home of the brutal Order of the Red Shadows of Herpa, a fighting order dedicated to the god Agrik, the Emperor of Flame. Under Larga Gydsilen, their coarse and brutish grandmaster, the Red Shadows have made Menekai one of the richest fiefs in the Kingdom of Rethem by exploiting the region's mineral wealth.

The Menekai Castle article describes the settlement's history, government, religion, economics, and military forces. Includes color floor plans of the castle, along with color GM and player maps of the settlement.
The Salt Route is the main trail between western and eastern Hârn. The dangerous route crosses the territories of four barbarian nations and countless rivers and streams as it covers the 170 leagues between Coranan and Tashal.

Large caravans carry salt and other goods from western Hârn to Tashal each spring, returning in early autumn with goods from eastern Hârn and Lythia.

The Salt Route article covers the history and economic importance of the route, describes a typical caravan's daily routine and more.
Patrel is the site of the annual gathering of the nomadic Hodiri tribal nation. Located on the woodland plain of Horadir close to the Jebru River, Patrel features the largest natural spring in the area and provides excellent grazing for the tribesmen's horses.

The Patrel article describes the location's history and current situation. It provides details for the annual tribal gathering and many notable features of the site. Includes color GM and player maps of the settlement.
Atlas Hârnica Map E6
HarnAtlas Map E6 Atlas Hârnica Map E6 covers the eastern edge of the Kingdom of Rethem and the western edge of the Thardic Republic. The region includes Menekai Castle.

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Recent Hârn Releases
Note: The Bestiary and Barbarians were not sent to HârnQuest subscribers.  They are available for mail order now.

HarnWorld BestiaryHârnWorld Bestiary
Hârn is a rugged, wild, dangerous island where pockets of civilization are surrounded by large tracts of wilderness. It is a land of feudal kingdoms, noble knights, religious turmoil, wild tribesmen, and savage creatures. There is even a god who creates hundreds of unique creatures called the Ivashu.

Bestiaries are a useful source of creatures to help or hinder player characters. This book contains a selection of Hârnic creatures, some mundane, some incredibly dangerous. Each creature is covered in depth with a multipage separate article. 

HârnWorld Bestiary includes:
Morvrin (Undead)

Additional creatures are also available to expand your bestiary. 

Available now... 

Barbarians of HârnHarnWorld Barbarians gets a new cover
The deep forests of Hârn are home to eighteen tribal nations. Although civilized folk look down on them as backward, most tribesmen have more freedom than manorial peasants. However, the wilderness is a dangerous place, and tribesmen spend a lot of time sharpening spears and fletching arrows. 

Barbarians of Hârn contains an overview of tribal cultures, economics, and religion, and a guide to generation of tribal characters.

There is a separate article for each of the eighteen tribal nations. These include a tribal map, tribal occupations, weapons and armour, history, culture, and specific shaman rituals.

Note: The content of Hârn Barbarians is unchanged; this is only a new cover.

Available now... 


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