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The crazy world of role-playing is once again brought to the home computer via STEAM and the never-ending stream of adventurers ready to go forever forward in their search for power, gold and of course experience levels.

The GUILD of DUNGEONEERING is a modular game beginning with a simple single room to which you can add corridors and rooms through the use of cards, up to 3 cards per turn in fact. These cards are dealt face up randomly and you get to choose from 5 or 6 different dungeoneering cards each turn. These cards do not just contain passageways and rooms, they also have coins and monsters, which you place in the rooms for your adventurer to collect or defeat, or be defeated by - the monsters that is, you don't get defeated by the coins, you actually can spend the coins on equipment.

GoD is a combat game. When you locate an enemy (ie you move into a room where one or more is/are) the screen switches to the combat field. You see your character and your opponent with lives (hearts) in red clearly visible. You are dealt three cards and then your opponent plays a card face up. You select a card from your three to play against it. If the card the opponent plays does damage you take it first, thus you need luck that the cards dealt to you can do more than one damage otherwise if you go head to head, one hit to one hit, then you will die and go to the Dungeoneers Graveyard - don't worry the Graveyard is infinite in size so you will never fill it up, though it's most likely you will give it a good try.

"Don't worry if things go wrong in a dungeon, there's always more dungeoneers!"



There are two expansions for GoD, Pirates Cove and Ice Cream Headaches. Both of these add new characters, rooms, monsters, weapons, equipment and skills but thankfully don't really change the game itself, it's too good a game to be messed around with mechanically. In Ice-Cream Sandwich the adventurers are Ice-Cream Monks on missions to get special rewards; they are out to defeat the baddies, the Brainiacs, and get the required favourite flavoured ice-cream, and the Brainiacs do not make it easy, in fact they don't want you or anyone to get any more ice-cream .... ever! They are intent on destroying it and removing ice-cream from the known world, and that's just plain evil; (mind you if they destroyed all the Strawberry ice-cream I wouldn't be disappointed).


The arguments about the these expansions is that they do not continue the base game from where you last saved it, you either have to drop Pirate's Cove in quite early so you get to play the new characters or you have to go back to the beginning and basically start again but not completely from scratch. Yes I can see that this may cause some concern, but to be perfectly honest, the game is so much fun that restarting it is never a problem, at least not for me. I can play and restart GoD over and over and never get fed up. It's good trying to build a deck without useless cards, it's good building different dungeons and filling them with creatures and monsters for you to kill or be killed by, and it's just fun in a fun way. 

As soon as you lose an adventurer a new one arrives. If you haven't killed all your previous heroes, ie you have some in supplu back at base, then you don't have to use the newly drawn character. After a while you get to choose your new character from a selection but you still don't have to use them if you don't want to.

The artwork is quirky and cartoon-style and adds to the fun factor and flavour of GoD. Oh yes, that's another thing. It was obviously called Guild of Dungeoneering so that it would be made into the acronym GoD and some people take umbrage over that. To them I say get over it, it's not an anti religious game any more than any Dungeon crawl/bash game is, it's just a sort of semi-animated visual role-play game hoping to get a little more air time on the internet because of its acronymical name. 

The base game plus the two expansions costs just under £19.00 which sounds expensive but is actually very inexpensive if you equate £pound to hour playability which with at least 30 hours of play overall works out at about 63pence an hour, that's good, very good, value.



All are Downloadable Content

This content requires the base game Guild of Dungeoneering on Steam in order to play.

Guild of Dungeoneering - Ice Cream Headaches  £3.99 GoD required to play this DLC
Guild of Dungeoneering Deluxe Ice Cream Edition £18.99

Includes soundtrack, Pirate’s Cove DLC and Ice Cream Headaches DLC  Package info



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