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Experience the sharp edge of politics in ArenaNet’s latest content update for Guild Wars 2, Cutthroat Politics, going live today. This update comes with an exciting twist: players, through voting for a new councilor, will bring about permanent changes to the world of Tyria.

This update is the second since ArenaNet officially confirmed its move to a two-week update schedule and represents the studio’s commitment to providing better content, faster, than any Western competitor.

New Events:

·         Support Your Candidate – 23rd July to 5th August
·         New Activity – Southsun Survival – Begins 23rd July
·         New PvP Activity – Aspect Arena – Begins 23rd July
·         Candidate Trials Challenge – Begins 23rd July

New Rewards:

·         Exclusive New Back Items
·         Mini Ellen Kiel and Mini Evon Gnashblade

New Features:

·         New World vs. World Ability Line – Catapult Mastery

More information and individual advertisement campaigns for Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade, the two Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch candidates, can be found on the release page:

Today ArenaNet announces it has formalised plans to maintain a two-week major release schedule for Guild Wars 2, and reveals the latest content update to the game’s Living Story, Bazaar of the Four Winds, going live on 9th July.

ArenaNet has been delivering new content to Guild Wars 2 at an increasing pace since January and from now on will maintain a 14-day update rate, bringing players exciting new features, events, rewards and storylines at a frequency unmatched by any other Western studio. Today’s decision affirms the studio’s continued commitment to that effort and means that players can expect Tyria to remain one of the most frequently updated and best supported online worlds in the industry.

In the newest update, Bazaar of the Four Winds, merchants are converging from all corners of Tyria to sell their wares. The gathering will feature more than just shady characters and risky trade because, this year, the mystical flying Zephyr Sanctum has landed, bringing magical crystals and amazing movement skills to traders and adventurers alike.

In addition to experiencing movement in a new way, players will partake in new themed-events and join in the thrill of the trade. Also included in this update:

New Events
·         Belcher’s Bluff Mini-game: Players can challenge their friends in this new, permanent mini-game.
·         Sanctum Sprint Race: Navigate a dizzying obstacle course in this competitive race.
·         Lessons from the Sky Scavenger Hunt: Players will need to show their mastery of wind, sun and lightning as they search for Sky Crystals and explore hard-to-reach places in the Labyrinthine Cliffs.

New Rewards
·         Aspect Back Items: Players can compete in the Sanctum Sprint for a chance to earn one of three special back items representing the aspects of wind, sun and lightning.
·         Personal Quartz Node: Players completing the update will be able to harvest quartz in their home instances, allowing them to craft new recipes.
·         Zephyr Sanctum Model: Players who complete the Lessons from the Sky achievement will be awarded a miniature model of the Zephyr Sanctum, allowing them to view the ship at any time, even after it has flown away.

New Features
·         Account Achievement Reward System: Starting with this release, players can unlock rewards like exclusive new armour skins, weapon skins and permanent account bonuses as they earn achievement points. They can also earn laurels, gems, gold, powerful items, and PvP and WvW rewards as achievement scores grow.
·         New PvP Map – Skyhammer: Players can battle for control of three capture points in the new Skyhammer map.

Developer Livestream:  Get an early look inside the release during a preview livestream ( with ArenaNet developers on Monday, 8th July 20:00 BST.

For more details on Bazaar of the Four Winds, check out the trailer at one of the following YouTube links or visit For additional details on ArenaNet’s Living World strategy, read Colin Johanson’s new blog post at

Content update offers new dungeon, scavenger hunt, custom arenas, spectator mode and compelling social play experiences
ArenaNet today announced the latest Guild Wars® 2 content update, Sky Pirates of Tyria, which will is scheduled to go live on June 25. The update brings players a robust update to the ongoing Living World saga, along with a new dungeon to explore, new events, rewards and features, not to mention the announcement that Custom Arenas and Spectator Mode is coming out of beta.

In regards to the Living Story content, Lion’s Arch is in chaos following a murder at the Dragon Bash. Inspector Ellen Kiel is spearheading the investigation and is gathering teams of deputies to capture the perpetrator. Players will need to sharpen their weapons and skills to track down the slippery culprit responsible for the crime. Players will join together and partake in multiple events that will lead them through thrilling content and discoveries as part of this update.

Details of the update include:

For more details, or to experience Sky Pirates of Tyria, visit HERE.

To honour another year of survival in the shadow of the Elder Dragons, the defiant citizens of Lion's Arch have banded together for a boisterous festival full of fun activities, exclusive rewards and explosive surprises. During the celebration, players will be introduced to Marjory Delaqua, an investigator who travels in the shadowy underworld of Lion's Arch.  

The Dragon Bash festival is packed with new content and features:

For more information about Dragon Bash and Guild Wars 2 please click HERE.


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