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GUARD DUTY is a comedy drama point and click adventure where the jokes and story ensure that the tale is followed as far  It is great for an independent company to raise enough on Kickstarter to bring their dreams to life and I have total respect for them delivering a game which is both audibly and visibly pleasant. For reasons beyond my knowledge of computers the [Print Screen] command only provided me with black-screen shots instead of images of what was on my screen so some of the screenies I have here on this page have been gleaned from internet searching, other screenies are shot by camera straight from the screen.


This game has the humour of 'Monkey Island' and as the game progresses your character, Tondbert, becomes as likeable and easily as inept and gullible as Guybrush Threepwood. (homage is duly paid)

The point and click genre has a basic two styles; one is where the scenes are photo-like and deeply realistic and others like this, animated and pixelated but with a certain comedic charm. But they both have the same frustrations, mainly being that you can see what needs to be done but you have to get on the designers wavelength and into their head to solve the riddles they have set as clues.


Guard Duty is more than an adventure about one Knight's heroic attempt to rescue the Princess Theramin, it is also a time-travelling tale spanning across two time periods that are so radically different and where the heroes, Tondbert and Agent Starborn unbelievably connect the dystopian cobbled streets of Neo London, the fantasy land of Wrinklewood and a Station orbiting not far above the Earth. 

The means/clues are not always so easy to decipher, at least I haven't found them to be, and so the second part of the story remains a mystery to me other than that which I have read online. However it has intrigued me so that I wish to complete it, though my not being too good at it may mean that I will still be pursuing the ending long after it is officially released on May 2nd 2019.


Not being a great fan of pixelated animations - I still believe that the power of the PC and the current batch of consoles is betrayed by the retro games that take us back 20 years or so - I have been surprised how much I have enjoyed the distance I have so far covered in this adventure, which sadly is not that far to date. I have healed Tondbert's woumds and dressed him again as a guard but this and reaching the opening Chapter 'Royal Blood' has taken me more time than it should have and even now I am looking for a way to forge or find the necessary document, my Certificate of Birth, so that I may obtain from the Clerk the neatly named Death Liability Contract (aka amusingly as DLC). The Clerk has mentioned that his desk was riffled through and that papers were strewn about, so perhaps I need to find the villain who did this and hope they have stolen (or left open the way to the secrecy of the desk) the forms I require.

The puzzles are often amusing, such as finding the Key to a Chest in 'the usual place' (all you have to do is find 'the usual place') or that the crone who guards your trousers wishes to be kissed and won't release them until she has been kissed. Luckily she closes her eyes as she puckers-up, the rest is up to you.


Princess Theramin has been captured, kidnapped by a witch of enormous power, more power in fact than you could even imagine, especially if you were truly Tondbert with the imagination of a mindless simpleton, oh! but in this case you are! However, of all the 'brave' knights under the King's command most are too busy with their other duties to go out and search for the Princess, and so it falls on your shoulders to do so, thus unleashing the power of the designer's imagination into a world that will stay with you for a long time after you have left it.


From a distance the graphics look quite solid, it is only when you get close up shots, such as the one below of the 'healed' Tondbert that you realise you are in a retro situation even though you are fast-forwarding in time to way past the 21st Century - chickens do look a lot more like chickens though than they do in Mine Craft, which is a blessing.


Definitely a game for lovers of the old style animated adventures where the character is a lovable idiot and the situations he finds himself in are ridiculously amusing rather than deathly frightening. If Guybrush Threepwood is still amongst your greatest heroes then grab GUARD DUTY as soon as you can and welcome the 90's back into your gaming life, you won't regret it!







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