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Guacamelee! Super turbo championship edition.

Drinkbox studios.

If you are a fan of old-school 2d, side-scrolling beat em ups, this is certainly one to check out.

You play a Mexican agave farmer named Juan, who is in love with the Presidente's daughter. The daughter is kidnapped by a day of the dead style skeleton, and taken to be sacrificed so he can control the lands of the dead and the living.

Before he hears of this though Juan have several encounters and opportunities to have fun within the local community. For example, Fray, the local Monk, requires help smashing up some barrels and while there he meets and make a friend of the President's daughter. Not long after meeting her Juan is knocked out in an explosion and when he comes to the world is somehow different - he is in the Dead World.

Juan must fight his way through multiple levels of good old platform game fun, to save the girl, and the day, and all this whilst he is dead! Given a mask by a mysterious luchador, Juan gains skills as he progresses through the game, these new skills and abilities are unlocked with coins that are dropped from the bad guys, and through smashing statues found throughout the levels. Amongst the powers gained, Juan has the power to switch between the world's of the living and dead, which is handy as he needs to do this to solve puzzles, gain clues and defeat the enemies who are only affected in one world or the other.

In Guacamelee! there is good reason to revisit levels already played, as you gain skills allowing you to wall jump, double jump and turn into a chicken, letting you reach previously out of reach areas. Juan also learns different ways to fight, especially the headbutt which comes in good use against the many and varied adversaries he meets on his journey.

The local co-op is also good, allowing a second player to join in the fun and games. The only real downfall to the game, is length of play, it didn't take me long to finish it, though there is always the option to play through it again at an unlocked harder version using the different skills you have learned while playing. The majority of the challenges are totally awesome even though they are in 2D graphics, and the dialogue is super cool in places.

Overall, I think it is a great throw back to the good old days which now works magestically on the latest XBox, the ONE.

Reviewer: Grant C Baylis

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