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Once a verdant landscape of grass and flowering plants, the Grazelands are slowly being swallowed by the relentless sands. Trade, which brought great wealth to the inhabitants, has declined sharply, though there is still some money to be made from making the long trip to the northern lands. The shrinking grass is placing the tribes under greater strain, and tensions are high. The times are changing, but not for the best.

Inside you’ll find:
* Myths regarding the origins of the Grazelands.
* An overview of the origins of the hyaenidae, their society, religious views, and funerary customs.
* Notes concerning trade in the region.
* Expanded information on the cult of Ashtart (goddess of vegetation), including major festivals.
* 9 new locations, including Buraqa’s Grave and the City of Long Shadows.
* 3 notable NPCs.
* 2 minor deities.
* 4 new monsters.

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