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Set Sail in Grand Voyage with Special Events and Offers
NGames announces starting bonuses for new players in the upcoming trading MMO's Closed Beta

NGames, a leading online games publisher, is excited to reveal some launch events and fantastic rewards for the upcoming free-to-play epic trading MMO, Grand Voyage – coming soon to the online games portal.

A pirate's life is about one thing: treasure! Starting on the closed beta launch day, Grand Voyage offers new captains some golden opportunities to get the most out of their game time. Ranging from extra rewards for topping-up their gold reserves to competitive tournaments, these are not events any serious captain can afford to pass up.

Here are some of the goodies players can look forward to:

Luxury Gifts With Your First Recharge

All new players can earn themselves a valuable 'Super Giftbag' when they top up for the first time.

Upgrades With Gold Top-Ups

Within three days of creating a character players will get additional rewards with certain levels of gold top-ups. These little extras are aimed at getting players well-prepared for their travels with upgrades and special cabins.

Top-Up Reward Levels:

2000g - 1 item
5000g - 1 item, 1 blue upgrade
10000g - 1 item, 1 blue upgrade, 1 purple upgrade
30000g - 1 item, 1 blue upgrade, 1 purple upgrade, 1 orange upgrade

V.I.P. Rewards

For the first two days of the server opening, gaining V.I.P. levels (from 1 - 10) will net players extra rewards. With higher V.I.P. levels there are more exotic items to be claimed, so get out there and start building your reputation!

You can also take advantage of the V.I.P. experience booster when you recharge.

Buy Stuff, Earn More Stuff

If players spend 5000 gold or more on items within the first three days of creating their character they earn themselves three purple chests.

Monster Loot

In the first three days of Grand Voyage's server opening a special monster will appear at 8pm. All players can try to kill it and everyone will be rewarded based on how well they perform. Damaging the monster, battling it a number of times, performing first strikes and killing it will earn treasure. There's also a very special reward for the player who fights it the most times...Good luck!

Employee Rewards Scheme

If players can successfully employ four purple 4-star Captains within 72 hours of creating a character, they will earn themselves a pat on the back...And a shiny set of upgrades!

Rank Rewards

Are you competitive? You should be. After two days of the server opening the top three ranked players in "Level", "C.P.", "Silver", "Ship", "Captain" and "Battle" will all be rewarded with cards, equipment boxes and treasures.

Guilds With Benefits

In the first two days of the server opening, players who create a guild will get 5000 silver for funding. Members of the top three Guilds at midnight of the second day will receive gifts.

Sunday Tournaments

Every Sunday at 4:00pm players will compete for control of the open seas! The winners get to cross for free. The losers have to pay a toll in silver, which is split between the winners.

Grand Voyage is a new historical trading web MMORPG coming soon to the online games portal. Learn more by visiting the official site and following the game on Facebook and Twitter.

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